What's currently the best way to display files in VR?

The goal : find something that sits in the toolbar and will pop open a window that can display txt and jpg files - pdf would be nice too but they screenshot into jpgs easily enough - and which works in VR.

I’ve found Ebag which can be made to do the text files but doesn’t look like it’s supported any more so doesn’t fully work and will probably disappear from flightsim.to when the purge happens.

That seems to have morphed into JDs Checklists which looks great but I don’t see a way to add my own checklists.

What are other people using ?

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I use:
FlightSimulator.me - Home

The PDF viewer can be used for what you want. I have made *.txt files and use the Microsoft PDF Print to save as a PDF file and then view in Raphael’s VR tools. I’ve never tried to PDF a jpg, but who knows, maybe that works too.

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Just Flight - Sim EFB - Electronic Flight Bag Everything you asked for

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You can simply do this by going to wmr cliffhouse and selecting the desktop showing whatever you want in game. Then click follow me and control tab into msfs and the desktop will follow you in. You can then position it where you want and tell it to unfollow you.

What I’m not sure about is your mouse control and what setting you need for a smooth transition between msfs and the wmr desktop. I think you need windows+y enabled and use to switch. There’s something on YouTube about this but I didn’t really look into it in much detail as I’m happy just removing my headset if I need to.

FlightSimulator.me - Ingamepanel PDF VIEWER for Flight Simulator v1.4

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FlightSimulator.me - Ingamepanels Pack for MSFS - FlightSim.Com Store

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just bought this cheaper solution, including acces to bing maps and worldwide METAR.
not tested yet but seems promising (from YT reviews)

Sky4Sim works a treat, I highly recommend it in VR, it’s changed the way I fly.

There’s a free VR compatible ebag on flightsim.to that will display whatever PDF, JPG and TXT you add to it. It’s what JD’s checklists were made from.

Yup, this one. I use it.

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