What's going on in Miami? Flora is pale, no palm trees... doesn't look like Miami

I tried both photogrammetry on and off. No big difference.
The trees are very pale, palm trees are rare.
If I didn’t knew better, I would say this scenery is somewhere in Chicago. But I am flying right above Venetian Islands, Miami. Other than the geometry of the islands, it doesn’t look like Miami.
Actually, I flew up north between Indiana and Chicago in MSFS it is more green and colorful over there.

I expected lush, green, vibrant flora. Palm trees everywhere. Typical Miami.

Just added a comparison.

Report this issue: Zendesk https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It’s the only way we will get these things changed. If enough of us do it, then they will take notice.

Well, I am not sure where the reason is for Miami flora to look so bland.
The new FS definitely able to get normal green trees and palm trees into the scenery.

But Miami flora looks a bit like all trees are covered with volcano ash.
I fear the reason is because Miami in bing maps is pretty bland and washed out too. I guess there is not much left to do for the Devs, besides they are having bigger fish to fry…


maybe he can fix this by himself… hint: search for 10-asobo_species.xml

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Did some flights again in the south of Florida, this time without photogrammetry.
Well the colors are better, more green. But when looking at the trees, you’d think you are flying somewhere in Russia. Conifers and decidious like in europe everywhere.

There is not a single palm tree. This is supposed to be suptropical, right?

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I moved the topic to #bugs-and-issues:scenery

Yes, the palm trees seem to be somehow missing or not displayed the way it should be in the whole of the USA. If you fly over the Key’s you will see long blocks on the promenade that are supposed to be palm trees, here the palm leaves are missing. As the predecessors already wrote, there doesn’t seem to be any palm trees in Miami, but only those blocks and poles where palm trees are usually found. But that has always been the case in the USA. I am surprised that there are palm trees in other areas that are displayed correctly and also look good, but why is that only regionally? Normally, the tree data should apply globally and then be used in the same way everywhere, depending on the region. Asobo please bring the palm trees to where you expect them.

So, after 18 months still no fix for this?

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And still not after 23 months either!

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Hopefully it is fixed soon. This is my FBO area.

While photogrammetry can be a powerful tool for creating highly detailed and accurate representations of real-world locations in a simulator, its effectiveness can be influenced by a number of factors, such as the quality of the source imagery and the level of processing applied.

The overall quality of the sim has tanked and It’s terrible looking all over the world.