What's limiting my performance?

Core i7-10700 CPU
32 gb RAM
RTX 3070
Running from M2 SSD
1Gbit Fiber network
Running at 1440p on “High” settings

Typically seeing a max of 30fps and dips to 10fps

Resource monitor shows GPU utilization at 48% and CPU utilization at 55%.

Why don’t I see better FPS numbers if my CPU and GPU are not fully loaded? What is causing the long frame times?

Are you looking at all CPU core utilization? If you have 8 cores, with 1 at 100% and 7 at 20% the average will be 30% (just an example).

If this is the case, as it is on my setup, turn down LODs to 100, lower traffic settings, and disable AI/Live traffic.

You can also use Dev Mode to see more CPU and GPU details.

Any mods installed?

What are you flying?


I have exact same processor and 3070. Processor running 4.7GHz all cores and MsI gaming trio running stock clock from factory 1830Mhz .Also driving a 2K display with default high settings. Getting min of 30 up to 60 in Atlanta area after I disabled virtualization in my bios. Suggest you try disabling virtualization. And let others know if that helps.


Two cores at ~50%. The remainder are mostly idle

I’ll try killing virtualization and see if that helps. It just seems odd, as my laptop with a 1660TI gives me similar performance (at 1080P). And the laptop is only an i5 with 8gb ram!

Failed to mention my processor is running all cores at 4.7. I edited my post btw.

What’s limiting my performance?

The program.

In all seriousness one of your cores will be maxed out, when in resource monitor click on the CPU tab one of your cores should be maxed out, for me it’s “CPU 7”.

As for your GPU use, start cranking up effects till it gets higher or your frame rate goes down whichever comes first.

Ok. Scrolling down cpu 15 appears to be maxed. Of course thats with FlightSimulator.exe

What can be done to reduce single thread CPU load? This is ridiculous. Most of my resources are lightly used. The GPU RAM is only 6.6GB / 24GB.

CPU 15 is pegged even sitting idle on the runway with the engine off!

Try to access your motherboard BIOS and disable Hardware Virtualisation Technology and VT-d or something similar to that.

I did that on mine, and my FPS jumps from 10-15 on Low settings to a stable 30 fps on ULTRA at 2160p and it eliminates most of the stuttering.

Results of killing virtualization: 57-60 FPS in normal flight! Wow. No other settings changed.

CPU 15 still pegged, and GPU has now increased to 70% loaded.

Changed my graphics to Ultra at 1440p and its still holding up at a playable 42 FPS. Yee Haw

You need to lower your graphics settings to improve FPS. The recommendation to lower your LOD settings is a good place to start.

Don’t you mean “cranking DOWN effects” in order to increase FPS? “Cranking up effects” improves graphics quality which would decrease FPS. When I decreased my LOD settings, my FPS increased dramatically.

He suggest to crank up the graphics settings to increase the GPU usage. There is s sweetspot between GPU usage and fps, so try to find that.

On another note: The devs said in the last dev update stream, that they will decouple some things from the main thread to improve performance (maybe in connection with the DX12 update). That should help a lot, once it arrives.

But nice find, regarding virtualizition. Does this work on AMD as well?

Doesn’t really matter… When I still had my virtualization on, I was still running at 10-15 FPS, when everything is set to the lowest possible setting, that means lowest LOD, as well as having my rendering scale to just 30%. Obviously on a i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti, that should push me to more than 120 FPS when everything is that low. But no, it’s still running at 10-15 fps, regardless of whether I used LOW or ULTRA. The FPS counter from the DevMode is showing “Limited by Main thread” which makes no sense coming from an i9.

Only when I disable the virtualisation that the FPS suddenly recovers. And now I’m getting stable 25-30 fps without stutters on everything ULTRA at 2160p. I drop it down to some settings to high to get it stable at 30 fps. And the FPS counter is showing “Limited by GPU” which suggest I no longer have my CPU bottleneck anymore thanks to turning off the virtualization.

Maybe, I think the AMD is called AMD-V or something like that. So you might need to do a dig around to see what terminology your motherboard uses for them in the BIOS. But if AMD is using the same kind of method that intel uses to “reserve” some processing power to be dedicated for virtual machine, then disabling it should work as well. Only one way to find out. By trying it out.

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He’s barely using his GPU, he can add effects and it shouldn’t cost him any fps if he’s CPU bound.
(some things are CPU intensive, this is true)

On high setting you may as well mine a little with that 3070 cause it’s on vacation.

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But increasing the graphics settings only decreases GPU usage and FPS but improves graphical quality. The “sweetspot” is whatever the user wants for graphics quality and performance. At 4k the graphics detail is incredible when I boost my graphics settings but my FPS is about 11 FPS. When I lower my graphics settings, the FPS jumps to 33-35 FPS. That is a 3x improvement! And the graphics are acceptable.

I was just testing a GPU overclock, full ultra, UK flying Gatwick to Cambridge

Multiplayer/Ai/weater(was clear)

This is what I like to see for videocard usage :wink:

Oh and turn off Hyperthreading

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Increasing the graphics settings should increase your GPU usage, shouldn’t it? Except for sim aspects, which are CPU dependent (like AI planes, vehicles etc.) of course. When you crank these up too much and get CPU limited, the GPU will go to lazy mode, as the CPU is too busy with other stuff to feed the GPU properly. Or am I mistaken here? :man_shrugging: