What's the best way to purchase FS2020 - Microsoft Store, XBOX App, or Steam?

Unless you have or plan to get an XBOX Series X|S and want the cross play compatibility, save yourself a lot of potential grief and get it through Steam instead.

With Steam, you get a single app - Steam. It will install the sim WHERE YOU WANT, vs across multiple folders across your C: drive, with some of those files and folders being locked and inaccessible. I can’t stand anything software that restricts how I can manage my own drive space.

When purchased through the MS Store or XBOX, you have to run the MS Store, XBOX Live, and MS Gaming Services. They’re 3 separate apps that all need to be running and up to date in order to get the sim to run at all. If you follow any of the threads here in the last couple of months, you’ll see just how horrible an experience that has been for people that have had issues.

I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole.


Just one of the numerous threads, a recent one, about the joy of MS Store:

When I changed my Mother Board (and processor and RAM), from an old Asus to a brand new MSI, I formatted my 128GB SSD OS drive (it wasn’t mandatory, Windows can land on its feet like cats). I wanted a clean OS and registry. Steam was installed on another data drive HDD 1TB. When I first launched Steam after this, it just said “One minute guy, I fix a small problem” (more or less from memory), and Bam, all worked fine; all my games and all perfectly fine.

It’s solid.

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Thanks all for the great replies. As someone who has ben using Steam since the mid 00’s, I totally understand and appreciate points make by proponents of the Steam option, though I’ve just purchased via MS Store entirely because I’d already purchased an airplane and some airport scenery via the MS Store/Xbox App to the value of about $60, and from what I understand, these can’t be carried over into Steam. Had I not already done so, I would have likely purchased via Steam predominantly because the game’s installation files wouldn’t be locked away in the “WindowsApps” folder.

I’ll hit you helpful people up sometime soon, when the MS Store version inevitably gives me grief, such as some of you have forewarned. :sweat_smile:

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Due to what you bought you made the good choice.
Hopefully you’ll be fine, not everybody have problem with MS Store or the forum will be filled only with complains!

Have great fly!

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