What's the best way to take High-Quality Screenshots?

I am interested on what methods people are using to take screenshots?

So far I’ve used:

Steam - F12 (With uncompressed selected)
Nvidia - Ansel
Windows 10 - WinKey + PrtSc

Every time I look at my screenshots I can’t help but think they are lower quality than the game. Maybe it’s just a psychological? I’ve seen absolutely stunning screenshots online, what your method? I am super interested.

You can try WinKey + Shift + S

I’ll give it a try!

Don’t see how taking a screenshot of a select region of the window, which is what WIN+SHIFT+S does, is going to be different from full screen in term of quality. Ansel should be most high quality one out of all the methods you tried. Perhaps you need to tweak some Nvidia settings related to Ansel?

you can capture the full screen with it too, maybe helpful when playing in 4k and other methods compress the image to much, at least in steam the taken screenshots look kinda crappy, but that may be just my imagination

I’ll have to take a look at the Ansel Settings, I didn’t really look properly.