What's the most boring scenery you've flown over so far?

For me it has to be Flying east over Al Anbar in western Iraq to land at Baghdad. I’d taken off from Turaif (OETR) and it was 294 miles of flat featureless wilderness, broken only by the occasional map tile straight line.


Nebraska. I drove through it twice and never again. :slight_smile:

No-offense to anyone that lives there. K? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Who ever said brown is the new pink is seriously disturbed.

Greenland, hands down. But for efficiency, using a single white 320x240 GIF stretched out to cover 2 million km^2 is pretty impressive. :rofl:

So you’ve been to East Anglia, then. :wink:


The ocean.


Any state in the northern plains of US.


That is really nice compared to North-East Russia (from Alaska to Japan) and Greenland. Stay away from these parts of the FS World

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I was reminded of this quote:
“Today we crossed Nebraska in 7 minutes. I think that’s the best way to cross Nebraska.”
SR-71 pilot’s logbook


oh yeah greenland was a pain :stuck_out_tongue:

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We do have a couple of hills you know. Well small bumps :slight_smile:


It’s true though. The Norfolk Broads are a little more interesting, but flying round my area is tough (apart from the high rise building that has appeared at my local airport EGSV …). Flew down Ullswater/Kirkstone Pass/Windermere the other day, that was worth the flight :slight_smile:


I live on one of those bumps. :slight_smile:

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Start a flight in Alice Springs, YBAS. Preferably a 172 or similar. Fly for 5+ hours in any direction, it doesn’t mattered, it’s all the same. There’s literally nothing for 700nm to 1000nm in every direction.

They don’t call it the GAFA for nothing.
(Great Australian **** All)


I was also going to mention the Outback, I wanted to check out Uluru.

Kazakhstan near Baikonur is even more featureless.

Central Australia

Small world. I live near EGSV (Old Buckenham Airfield) … which does not have a block of flats at the end of the runway :slight_smile:


Boring Botswana

For me Faroe Islands.

I’m about to fly over Greenland on my Round the World Tour - The last few days has been thick, low cloud cover in the North Atlantic, so I’m going go high, stick the TBM into autopilot and use it as an opportunity to learn all about Flying IFR and using the garmin panels properly :slight_smile:

Saudi Arabia, around Riyadh… desert’s nice and all but becomes very samey after a while.

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