What's your learning path for MSFS VR?

I’m curretly focuing on flight school only. Step by step. Just complete the visual circuit in the training.

It’s challenging but fun, especially in VR. I was wondering if there’s any way to help me learn the fly skill? E.g. fly to sightseeings for visit in other mode…or learn to fly in not so serious?

What’s your recommend way to learn fly a plane when you’re new? Hope someone could share the expereince to me for reference. Comments welcome. :slight_smile: Many thanks.

The first time I took control in real life my instructor took me up to 3000 feet over the sea and set the aeroplane straight and level. He told me to just practice left and right bank and turns, how to trim for speed, and what the rudder does. He also took the craft to the edge of the performance envelope so I could be aware of when a stall occurs, how it feels, and why a spin is dangerous.

FS2020 give you the opportunity to start in the air and you could do the same. Landing, taking off and side-slipping took a LOT of practice.

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For VFR, learn to watch outside (after all, it is a Visual flight). In a sim, we are always tempted to look only at the instruments. but it is a little bit different with VR, we realize better speed altittude and distance.


I would highly suggest the FS Academy VFR addon for this. There’s a lot of really good info for newcomers. I’ve been simming for years and know my way around but I did these courses a few weeks ago and learned some new tricks :slight_smile: I tried IFR and the Jetliner as well. Well worth it, too bad the sale is over though… :frowning:

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I like to emulate the full training experience somewhat (thank you to the official MSFS twitch channel & forderlearn2fly for offering lessons that are in that style). I also like taking advantage of the ability to drill specific aspects without having to go through all the motions you would on a real airplane. Another thing that I think could be useful for more comprehensive learning is being able to safely practice spins etc.

A sim seems like it can be a great way to learn but not having an instructor does mean you don’t have anyone to show you how it’s done so you need to figure things out more yourself. If there was a multiplayer feature for sharing a plane, remote flight instruction might be interesting.

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MSFS VFR training
FS Academy VFR
Minimum of 25 hours on your own practicing what you’ve learnt and going on leisure flights, touch and goes, pattern work of around an hour.

Don’t instrument stare :nerd_face:

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Do you mean this ? FS Academy - Jetliner for MSFS - FlightSim.Com Store


FSacademy goes more in-depth and is ideally consumed after the free MSFS VFR training.

Once you’ve gone through my previous post repeat the sequence replacing VFR for IFR - then JET liners, etc.

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Thank you for so much valuable information.

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