When can we expect an update to the SDK?

Because WASM gauges don’t work in the latest version of MSFS.

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Usually the SDK is delivered one or two days after the SU. Let’s wait for this afternoon …


Still no new release notes on docs.flightsimulator.com , at least. I must say I am a bit disappointed. Also, I would have expected the SDK to be updated much more regularly between sim (and world) updates. At least updating and sanity-checking the documentation is ongoing work, one would hope.

The release notes have been up since yesterday for 0.14.0: SDK Documentation

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Ah, darn. Must be my browser that has the 0.13.0 pages cached.

While the documentation has been updated the SDK download is still version 13, not 14. At the moment my main concern is WASM gauges which seem to be broken with the update. I am hoping that the SDK v14 will update whatever library files the C++ compiler uses because I think this is a problem that can’t be fixed with documentation.


This afternoon (France) the DEV MOD has been modified …

I just download a SDK Core and a SDK Documentation as two differents msi. The DA62 example has been also updated:

can anybody help me ? i installed sdk 0.14 and now i have this problem in my airports. My filter arrows are gone. I can’t move to the left side to see what is written. Look at the images below.

ps: I just removed sdk 0.13 and installed all 05 .msi files from version 0.14.
Thank you for your attention.

Uploading: Capturar.JPG…