When good photogrammetry + live weather come together, it can be truly magical

I was flying around the Bay Area yesterday (troubleshooting a bug at KOAK 30) and I was just struck (again) by how amazing this game looks when the stars align. I grabbed a capture and put some music on it. Thanks Asobo + teams for your amazing work!

(I had some fun with the title and screenshot because I feel like these videos as ALL OVER youtube these days)


It is indeed magic and insane compared to XPlane i.e. Overall it is a really gift to have this flight sim.

Can you please tell me which town we are looking at here?

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Oakland, California


Beautiful video.

Is the bug the invisible sinkhole at the start of runway 30? I have been avoiding that for over a year now. I chuckle when ATC tells me to invite disaster for departure on 30 by taxing to runway 30 using taxiway W W1. Before SU5 you could get past the sinkhole by using the right side of the runway, but the sinkhole was enlarged to the full runway width in SU5. I have been using taxiway W3 instead ever since for takeoff in the DA62X.

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Very nice video, thanks for sharing. I fly around Bay Area quite a bit, born and raised there but haven’t lived there in many years. I’m aware of Runway 30!

Tbh I was expecting some amazing beautiful weather or something extra special, but it just looked like a regular day with a couple random clouds? am i missing something?

Yes, there is a problem with runway 30 however realistically you wouldn’t be told to taxi to 30 in such an aircraft, you would be told to taxi to 28R/L. When arriving it’s the same deal, it’s going to be the 28s. From the west side of the airport what will happen is at some point over the San Mateo bridge NorCal Approach is going to hand you over to Oakland Tower and you will be told to direct 30 and from there you will overfly the numbers and direct the coliseum and then turn right downwind for 28R/L. Runway 30 is used for commercial traffic that use the terminal and cargo ramp. General aviation ops are on the north side. In a way the airport can be thought of as two airports put into one.

Very nice video.

But Yes, me too… Runway 30 start “anomaly”.

As part my future video series following Amelia Earhart flight around the world. It is Not a good first flight presentation when you ground loop on take off, after waiving bye to my loved ones, cameras and critics. So, nobody there to witness the event. :smirk:

After a restart, another pilot did the same thing in front of me.

To finish off my first video, I got a CTD during descent in to Tucson. And I have not had a CTD since world update 6.

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