Crash on RW30 @ Oakland International (KOAK)

I am crashing into an unknown object on runway 30 at Oakland International seconds after accelerating down the runway. Can someone double check this for me please? This could be a bug. The crash occurs with crash detection on. When crash detection is off, the plane bounces around and then continues down the runway normally.

I can confirm that there is an invisible “bump” in runway 30 that will cause a plane to crash at any speed over 5 knots. This bump is located on the runway just past the intersection of taxiway W1. Screenshot attached.

  1. In World, select stock Cessna 172 with Garmin 1000, Departure Airport KOAK Oakland International, Runway 30
  2. Click Fly
  3. Note you are positioned on Runway 30 at the intersection of taxiway W1
  4. Release the parking brake
  5. Switch to external view to match the attached screenshot
  6. Add just enough throttle to start the plane moving but keep the speed under 5 knots.
  7. After moving a few feet, just past the end of the intersection of taxiway W1, the plane will bounce and the force of the bounce will cause the heading to change to 245 degrees. See screenshot 1 showing left wheel off the ground.
  8. Move the plane to the hold position on taxiway W1.
  9. Simulate cleared for takeoff and taxi onto the center of the runway and full throttle when heading 296 degrees
    9 The plane will crash at the bump with a message that “You damaged the landing gear” and end the flight.
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I also reported this to ZenDesk and it has been solved as of today, 12/31/20. I taxied onto runway 30 and took off successfully with no bump or other issues.

Thank you to the team at Zendesk for correcting this so quickly after I reported it.

UPDATE 10/16/21: Turns out that the far right side of the runway only was flat before SU5 so small plane takeoffs worked when hugging the right edge of the runway. As of SU5 the sinkhole now extends across the entire width of the runway. Since SU5 I enter the runway from a taxiway other than W1 to avoid the problem.

Tried a flight departing rwy 30 in the default 787 last night. Flown this runway many times before the US update with no issues for testing various aircraft on a short hop. Since the US update I’ve tried two flights from it. First flight in the 747 I noticed the rwy was very bumpy even though it didn’t visually look like it. Tried a second flight in the 787 last night. On takeoff roll about 25-30% down the runway hit some sort of invisible terrain spike that shot the nose straight up and triggered an aircraft crash.

Same problem. I submitted a bug report a few weeks back.

I attempted to take off from Oakland and couldn’t - Plane kept hitting something invisible on the runway.

STILL there…

Crashed on takeoff by “colliding with and object”…never had this problem but first time taking off from KOAK since SU5

I can confirm this is still an issue.

Right at the beginning of rwy 30 at KOAK, maybe hundred meters in, there is an invisible obstacle that will destroy the plane when rolling over it during takeoff or land.

Going very slow in a small plane you may survive the bump and just get shaken around a lot.

I have been experiencing this for over a year now. I revisit this runway after each sim update just to see it has been addressed. Current build, still there

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It’s been like this since launch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a very high priority to fix it.

There’s another similar invisible bump on the taxiway at deGaulle in Paris that does the same and has also been there since launch.


Confirmed. I’m having the issue, as well.

It was my first time attempting a TO with the Airbus A320NEO and I thought the issue was with the aircraft until I tried again just slowly taxiing down 30 in 3rd person view and could see the plane suddenly flip up and sideways as though colliding with some sort of object.


Can’t believe this is still an issue over a year later.


I know, huh. I keep going back to see if it’s been fixed. Oh well, 28R will have to do.

Still there. Just crashed my A32NX on takeoff after about an hour of flight planning :confounded:

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Sorry that you lost that hour of flight planning. I avoid taxiway W1 and use W3 instead to avoid that invisible sinkhole on takeoff, but then again I am flying the DA62X. I wonder if W3 would give you enough runway to take off safely in an A320.

Just went back to see if perchance good old Runway 30 might have been fixed. Dec. 31st 2021. Crash! Of course there is Runway 28 but you have to remember when taking off from Oakland, to select a Runway. Because MSFS always defaults you to Runway 30, the only broken Runway at this airport. HELLO, anybody out there??? It’s been turned in as a bug, forever…

Just happened to me too.

Still can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed yet.

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