When I put things in community folder, world globe missing all buttons

Weirdest thing. I reinstalled windows 10 so had to reinstall game. It works but when I put stuff in custom folder I can’t get pass the world map because the globe is there but all buttons are mising. No filters or fly botton. Works fine if community folder is empty.

So I uninstalled, and spent 6 hours downloading and reinstalling again…same thing happens.

Any ideas?

So there is a mod in Community Folder stepping on the sim. You’ll have to now add Mods back in one by one, start the sim, verify World Map until you find the culprit.

Any mod I add does it. Seems will only show world map ui when community folder is empty. If i add a mod , map but no ui. Last week before the reinstalls all this was working.

There must be something wrong with your install. You might have to delete and reinstall the sim.

I did, and reinstalled again(took 6 hrs), same issue.

What kinds of Mods are you using?

How did you uninstall?

uninstalled rom the microsoft stote and even deleted the wpsystem folder.

so basically a fresh install

Oh so from the Microsoft Store. I dunno, maybe a windows filesystem or registry issue?

Shooting from the hip here, but wasn’t there something about a language pack that needs to be installed?

Install MSFS Addons Linker and see if it works.

I am in US, I have the English pack as default.

Will try the linker,might be a workaround.

I can fun SFC scannow, but did a few days ago, all files ok.

ok, thought I would give an update so others can benefit. I got some mods working. Sems scenario cities worked but others like unreal weather had to be re downloaded and new api keys. The json files became broken.

IF JSON FILE breaks, you can get a situation where buttons /interface are missing on world map screen.