When I started MSFS 2020 today there was a little update

When I started MSFS 2020 today there was a little update (I updated to SU4 on Tuesday already)! Is that possible, or have I been drinking too much lately? Does anybody know what is in this update?

  • Fixed Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner bouncing on the runway due to an incorrect CG setup.
    Note: This is only an in-game update for those who have the Boeing 787-10 and your MSFS version remains the same (
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Keep an eye on the News and Announcements category. This is where the Community Team (CMs) post topics about scheduled and unscheduled updates, along with all sorts of potentially useful information.

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It fixed the bouncy / low rider 747

About 275 MB or so?

Yes. Only for the bouncing Boeing.

The package was downloaded, but the decompression of a package has no progress in my machine about five hours already.
As a result - I cannot enter a simulator. Maybe anybody have any idea - how to overcome this “little update”?

I can’t even install the small update because when I launch the sim it opens up the MS Store first to install it but I keep getting an error everytime I try… really frustrating.

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We’re going to start a little group of people who are disappointed that there’s been little or no action from MS. We’ll meet every Friday, drink to excess and tell lies until it’s bedtime. Then, as the song says, ‘Get up and do it again’ Someone will be appointed Monitor in Charge and will be tasked with checking the website until an actual solution is reached.

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Have permissions on the Flight Sim folder changed since last updated?

Quit using Steam and buy from Microsoft store … well it worked for me!

I have no Market Place since this update

Marketplace greyed out?

Yes it was, I have just found the problem. The update turned the online function off. All sorted now

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I bought my simulator at Microsoft store

Turn off AV software and run msfs.

I changed from MS Store (monthly gamepass) and bought MSFS from Steam some months ago. Too many issues with the MS Store, impossible to uninstall a game with the GUI. it proceed but space wasn’t recovered. The GUI don’t show where it was installed (I forgotten and it land in an obscure overprotected directory in one of my disk). When I finally found it after fighting to change directories Rights, i wasn’t able to delete it, refused, in my own machine :open_mouth:. Bad move MS, bad move. So I removed all my other stuffs and formatted the disk. Also, the MS Store proposed me several time to reinstall unknown games I never bought or installed.
You’re not allowed to add any kind of RedShade in your own game as you can’t access the executable itself, so even cannot remove “fullscreen optimization” which create stutters, etc.

On my machine I’m the King, the Owner, the administrator, the CEO, the Boss. Nobody can remove my rights, even MS :sunglasses:

MS Store need to be more mature IMHO.

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