When is a landing a landing?

My understanding was that one of the added features of the SU5 besides the reduction in visual quality is that we can now land anywhere, grass, dirt, water, anywhere. So what I am wondering is why does it still not count touch and goes or open field landings.

After making several stops on a bush flight in the African savanna my logbook still only shows 1 take off and 1 landing. Several of my stops were at small uncontrolled air strips. They still don’t count? The slideshow accompanying this update download bragged that we could now land anywhere. Big deal, we could always land anywhere. What we want is for the landing to be counted.


The land everywhere thing is about the planes with skies and floates. Ofcourse you could always land on snoe before but doing this irl without skies will give you a bad time. Same go’s for water ofcourse. At least it’s a bit more realistic this way. This has ofcourse nothing to do eith the landing counter. I don’t know when it registers the landing, but it makes sense that not every touchdown is counter as a landing since it would be hard to identify wich is an actual lanfing or touch and go, and wich is a bouncy landing eith multiple touchdowns.

Might be finetuned in the future but i don’t think many people care about this. There’s thousands of other problems more importent i.m.o.

When you make it out of a plane alive and contining life without painkillers is mostly possible - it was a successful landing!

Just kidding. In bushflights a landing is a landing when the aircraft is stopped on the runway of the planned airport and the engine and the battery master switch is shut down. As soon as that happens it counts as successfully landed.

It’s always been my understanding that you have to shut everything off for the flight to “end” and be counted in the logbook. I use Simtoolkit Pro and Volanta, so I don’t pay much attention to the built-in logbook aside from it popping and and disrupting my shutdown procedure.

that would be easy to distinguish. land and come to a complete halt = landing. land and take-off again before coming to a complete stop = touch and go.

Yes i understand but there’s a margin from when it’s a touch and go and when it’s just bouncing on the runway i think. So how long do you have to roll on the ground before taking off again counting as a touch and go? Otherwise you’d have 10 touch and go’s when you mess up one landing😛

Any landing you walk away from, is a good landing :slight_smile:

Despite landing/taking off on several grass runways I’ve still yet to see the ‘On the Green’ Steam achievement unlock for me (all assists off)

…and any landing you can walk away from and use the aircraft again is an excellent landing.

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I’ve been using fshub.io. The built in log book is pretty basic and likes to reset itself a lot.

fshib.io will either use a close airport or “unknown” in the logs.

After having done an hour of great Bush-flying adventure this evening I have noticed that the sim is no longer logging and saving my flights after landing and shutting down engine/avionics and battery on the planned third airport stopover in the first Bushflight adventure.

This seems to be a little bug and I have already reported it into the bug section. It will surely be fixed soon.

That is easy enough. I recall during my flight training I would notify the tower or local traffic that I was turning on final for a touch and go. So to count as a touch and go instead of a bounced landing it would need to be declared before landing.

Water landings in the Icon A5 are also not counted as landings and that is a plane designed to land in the water. It counted the landing I made at the destination airport on the runway in my flight plan, but none of the water landings.

Then I am a very good pilot because I always walk away from landings in the simulator.

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