When is RVR/VISIBILITY coming?

Regarding the item on the wishlist about RVR Visibility weather implementation we would like to know when this feature is EXPECTED to come out, it’s been since september 21 that Asobo Dev updates states STARTED, but when are you (Asobo) planning to release it? Q4 2022? Q1 2023? 2024? it’s an important feature that after 2 years is still missing.


Both Visibility and Humidity !

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As of right now if you want very low RVR you have to place the clouds below field elevation and increase some precipitation. This can get you to almost 0/0 weather.

RVR is a critical component in determining what the ILS minimums will be for each landing Category.

The lowest authorized ILS minimums, with all required ground and airborne systems components operative, are:
(a) Category I Decision Height (DH) 200 feet and Runway Visual Range (RVR) 2,400 feet (with touchdown zone and centerline lighting, RVR 1,800 feet);

(b) Category II DH 100 feet and RVR 1,200 feet;

(c) Category IIIa No DH or DH below 100 feet and RVR not less than 700 feet;

(d) Category IIIb No DH or DH below 50 feet and RVR less than 700 feet but not less than 150 feet;

(e) Category IIIc No DH and no RVR limitation. Also, the RVR visibility readings assist Airport Traffic Control when issuing control instructions to avoid interfering operations within ILS critical areas at controlled airports.

Current Status: There are approximately 288 RVR systems in the NAS, of which 246 are forward scatter NG RVR Systems, 21 are older Transmissometer Systems and 21 are PC-Based RVR Systems.

There are NON in MSFS ??