When it gets it right, it gets it right!

Hey Gang!

I’m not usually a VFR pilot but earlier I decided…what the heck, and setup a quick flight out of Bella Coola to Bella Bella on the Cub with live weather. It was really cloudy and foggy and you’d never want to do that flight in real life under those conditions. I decided to rely on my GPS and Garmin to get around the mountains. The immersion was incredible. I think once Asobo fixes the winds issue, the weather engine will be great. It was breath-taking. The in-cloud turbulence effect and the around-mountain turbulence was very well modeled. I could not ask for a better VFR experience out of a simulator in my opinion.


Having joined a friend who was “horsing around in Canada”, i found myself inside a clear break in the clouds… in the pitts special, which doesn’t have an arificial horizon… I had to literally boom and zoom through the clearings in the clouds to drop down to an altitude where i could see the local airport and land… it was AWSOME…
I indeed hope they get the wind-issue sorted soon, must be some kind of translation issue between metric and imperial maybe?! And hopefully, we can get Historic weather working as well. Live weather is cool, but to relive those moments by reproducing the historic weather that were stored by Meteoblue.

It’s going to be awsome, i’m sure.



34hrs flighttime in so far… lovin it!

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