When live trafic works

Not a default MSFS but with the MTL/CSL library from IVAO, then (1) the patch to make MTL/CSL usable by MSFS, and (2) the visibility patch post-WU6 and finally the (3) fix for MTL/CSL lights… and VOILA !

  1. Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  2. Invisible IVAO aircraft after WU6 - Hotfix » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  3. Lights for VATSIM/IVAO aircraft after WU6 - Hotfix » Microsoft Flight Simulator

So now, that flightaware planes can land and join their gate… Let’s make them leave and free some spaces!

PS: Airport scenery is JetStreams Desigh LFPO Orly.


Yes, this combination was the only way I could get live traffic to work. Without it, nothing would come around the airport, or be broadcast via ATC.

Soon as I loaded this stuff up, live traffic started appearing in the skys (with lights) and the calls on ATC.

But as you said, nothing outbound.

It def looks nice when those gates are full of aircraft. It is for sure frustrating how unreliable the traffic setup Asobo has in place really is. There are times where it is spot on with traffic and others its completely unreliable. Not sure what the departure issue is cause I sat at LAX yesterday and watched at least 5-10 aircraft depart. Only additional program I am using is Enhanced Live Traffic, though I don’t really use it for constant traffic, rather to fix issues and then let real traffic take over.

I have never seen traffic departing. In fact incoming traffic come to a halt after first 15 minutes. This was LAX where ur supposed to get continuous traffic.

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I have the same setup and do see traffic departing.

@Vincent1064 - if it wasn’t for your post, I wouldn’t have spent this morning setting up this mod. I’ve been meaning to get round to this for a while now, but your post finally convinced me…

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Would love to know why there’s none in mine… Tested few hours ago at LAX. Even the inbound flights stop after 15 min then nothing more. No inbound and never outbound ;(

I’ve never seen live traffic departing (live being real aircraft). Other simmers, yes I see them depart.

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With this setup of the mods are any of you experiencing stutters due to MDL model use?

Not particularly…

No stutters here.

Question to you all: where is the post to upvote for having departing aircrafts working again ?

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