When will graphic quality return as from launch?

I do not understand why they do not put the game graphically in optimal conditions as in the launch

Every time I play this simulator it is not the same as before, Everything looks worse, the photometry the distance … the clouds the textures the objects, the AA,
absolutely everything,

which is the reason? what is asobo doing?

where can i report this?



You must be doing something wrong because the AA quality is a million times better now compared to launch. Trust me, I literally refused to fly in non-photogrammetry cities because of how bad the old AA used to look on autogen buildings, but now it looks amazing. No idea how you can think the AA looks worse


It looks worse clearly from the first launch. It’s real, I don’t understand how you don’t know. I’m not doing anything with the AA, the developers are downgrading it

you can watch videos of people from launch to now, and you can see what a big difference there is.
In textures, in distance, in quality, in AA, In everything

my question is where can I report this? thanks

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it wont as they needed to downgrade the graphics to find room for VR

Not saying you’re wrong but i’ve not particularly noticed any real visual downgrades on my system since launch. Happy though to be open minded on this and see what other people think.

Regarding where you would report it, maybe Zendesk although to be honest i’m not sure what sort of response you would get ?

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I don’t know what to say to you, the AA is much better (since two updates ago), there is absolutely no disputing that. Did you properly read my first reply? I refused to fly in non-photgrammetry cities because of how bad the AA used to be, now I can fly in them without any issues because of the AA improvements. You may be correct with the other issues (textures, distance etc) but AA is 100% better by a large amount

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Ok, but i say you that the AA is now a bit improved compared to the previous patch. But, it is not better than the same of the launch. you haven’t realized it yet.

Whoever had the simulator in beta and bought the game at launch is totally certain that the game graphically looks much worse. the distance of the object the textures the photo metry Terrains the distance on the terrain the clouds and many other things that have graphically worsened

I’ve not noticed any downgrade in graphics. Likely your internet connection speed. That plays the biggest role, as they said in the “rolling cache” segment of the dev twitch broadcast yesterday.

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I have had it since the very first Alpha, I have not noticed this downgrade you speak of. The LOD and photogrammetry are still the same as before for me.


Are all your graphics sliders maxed outñ

@Christiance5917 has been on these forums for weeks trotting out the same inaccurate propaganda with no evidence nor comparison shots to back up their fake news claims. I don’t know the motivation, but they were continuing to spread this nonsense after uninstalling the sim.

A sample of their posts:


Incorrect, AA was awful at launch, and improved drastically two updates ago. Sorry dude but you’re 100% wrong on this one

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The OP’s question was where he could report his issue. Please post at Zendesk. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

With this, the OP’s question has been answered. This post is now closed.

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