Where are the flamingos in Massawa?

I was there close in Massawa-Dahlak where the animal tag says that there are animals and nothing, and nothing in the surrounds, flying with an helicopeter, mnaybe they scared with the sound?

They are quite hard see! Seagulls are even harder btw… :smiley:
Turn on Fauna/Flora in assistance options, if not on already on.
Try using the poi view to lock onto them when close and use zoom.
Think you’ll need to be about 1500 feet away or less, for the poi lock to engage.
(round it to .3 mile or less)

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They are there. They take flight easy. Saw them in the air.

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I do not observe them, maybe they are from a breed small as colibris. I will try maybe in other place, to the hippopotamus yes, I watched well them the other day.