Where are the women?

The default pilot avatar is female; however, when using the radio, she sounds awfully masculine. In addition, every single air traffic controller and pilot in the entire game sounds like a dude on the radio. This is like Star Wars where Leia is the only woman in the galaxy. Did we forget to implement women except in the form of a 3D model?

Suggest they add female voices.

If you search the wish list for “female” you’ll find a few other threads discussing this issue.


Speaking about voices. If they made them talk with less enthusiasm (more like going through the motions) and they added some static that would be great too.


I guess the larger point is that it seems silly that the advanced, cloud-based voice system is leaving out half of the human population. If you’ve ever spent any time on liveatc or similar services you will know that there are a wide range of pilots and controllers, male and female, with various dialects, and tones expressed.

I don’t expect Asobo so recreate reality ie. streaming in liveatc into the game, but they can take a subset of voices that differ by gender, nationality, etc. and inject some randomness, or even regionally targeted randomness into the radio game.


That’s funny because I selected nothing and my Text-To-Speech decided College Girl was the voice I got.

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Change the text to voice option from Azure to Windows. Problem solved. Female pilot voice etc.

That doesn’t solve the problem because then the voices are all female. Also, cloud-based TTS is supposed to be higher quality than local voice packs. This is as true on Google as it is on Microsoft.

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I’d like to hear regional accents. as long as they aren’t too thick. I still want to understand what they are telling me.

There are some very clever TTS applications out there, so I’m sure something like that could be implemented down the road.


I installed IVONA TTS voices and set them as default (Aussie dialect) in Windows. Chose Windows, not Azure, and got a female US first officer, despite choosing 2 male avatars

No disrespect to our US friends, but I dont fly in the US, mainly Australasia, so would prefer a UK\Oz\Asian voice personally

i actually got a female atc over in england somewhere… ino dont ask. i just clicked on the map a random departure and arrival and it caught my attention that the voices were changing. i think the sim is more complete in EU than US. but that might be because ive never been there and having fun sight seeing.

I always have the same 2 voices, must be something on my end

Gender issues? regional preferences? Really, now?
You guys realize that this has maybe not the highest priority in an open beta? As long as the sim has massive issues, i really don’t care about that at the moment. Please, can we discuss that in a year or so…Thank you. :blue_heart:

You realise this is a wishlist, right?


Proper voices would add greatly to the immersive experience.


Yes, now. For one, this is a wishlist. For two, Asobo should be able to work on multiple things at the same time. If they can only work on issues serially, we’re in for a very long flight here indeed. They might need to double that “promise” of 10 years of support to 20. I might be dead before the game is fully developed.

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I had FS traffic (I think it was called) installed for FS2004 and it came with English and German accents, male and female voices and about 10 to choose from - so it’s obviously possible, even if not high on the priority list!

Game studios don’t scramble their devs to the newest wish list item every morning, they’d never get anything done that way.

The community managers will funnel highly voted issues and feature requests into a backlog, then they’ll have team managers estimate the resources required to implement these things, then the PMs will discuss what’s going to have the most impact for the resources they have and only then does work begin. Typically, major issues get the most dev time.

All this to say that we shouldn’t have reservations about discussing things we want to see in the game or issues we’d like addressed. It’s never too soon.

Looks like today’s patch takes a stab at this. I kind of imagined that enabling more voices from Azure would be fairly straightforward, this sort of confirms that theory.

I’m anxious to get into the game and see what they’ve done.

Swing and a miss.

The new male voice sounds okay, like the other male voice but different. The female voice on the other hand sounds like a ported version of Microsoft Sam from Windows XP. Seriously, still no love for women. Kind of surprising from French developers…

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The female voice does seem a little stilted, the way words are pronounced that sit either side of a comma, the wrong inflection etc. The voice itself is fine, just the way it speaks seems off.