Where can I save the control profile settings file?

Use the Bravo Throttle.
GA. A320.B747-8i settings were saved individually.
I’d like to back up the setup file in case it gets erased later.

I’m a steam user, where can I save the control profile settings file?

Hi @DDoBaGy,
See if this helps:

If not, see if they are here:
App-Installation-Folder ( within steam lib ):

These profiles do get synced with the cloud.

For those with the MS Store version (installed in default location on C:) that folder is at:

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I find out for a while that Steam Users can also use the Steam Cloud Browser to “Check and Download” the stored files per game:
: https://store.steampowered.com/account/remotestorage

After login an choose the game you see something like:

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Thank you for posting that path. There’s plenty of Bravo TQ users that are fretting about not being able to import and export profiles. The configuration is so confusing that some people have tried making YouTube videos explaining how they got theirs to work properly.

I haven’t had the chance to look at the contents, but I’d assume it’s an xml type file. Shouldn’t we be able to take the applicable segment of that file for a working unit, paste it into the local user’s configuration, and have the same settings? If it isn’t an xml or ini or something readable, then I’ll just back away quietly and ask you to forget I said anything.

I currently not found this files localy… this might be the reason, why users can not change ‘later / manualy’ e.g. the In-Game Data(Network) Limit which affects the update-process too. Or made a logbook restore…

These input* files are xml files, like this from former mentioned \input folder. The other ones are possible not made for manual changes.

PS.: MS-Store users should have similiar space somewhere

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