Where did my install go? I just flew 4 days ago

PC user, Win10,

I was using the version 7 beta as I fly in VR.
I have/had a taskbar link to MSFS. I noted it was missing. So I started the game from the start menu. There is a 115Gb update needed. ??? I looked in both the official and community packages folders. They are both empty. ■■■!!! Where did the game (and my mods) go?

Where to start?

Most likely you did not exit the Beta when Board wide notices were sent just after the holidays. Four days ago just about corresponds to the automatic removal date for anyone still in the Beta. Gaming Services removes you and pushes the production version of down.

Prior to Beta Signups, cautions were issued to interested participants to ensure their Packages for the sim were in a custom Directory path (i.e., not C:<default>). This would minimize the possibility of having to reinstall the sim upon exiting the Beta.


Thanks for the quick answer. I’ll redownload.