Where did the Event Calendar go?

According to this thread the Event Calendar was „not clickable“ („broken“) but should be fixed now:

But… where is it now? At least on an iPad (Safari) I don‘t seem to be able to find the link. Sorry for the naive question…

Menu link at top of page: Events

Sidebar: Click on “More”


IIRC there used to be a (blue?) „Calendar“ button in this area.

Go further up, to the right of the MSFS logo.

Geez, imdeed:


And when clicking on „Events“ we apparently get indeed the „calendar view“:

But the menu structure here looks exactly the same as previously: no „navigational indication“ that we are now in „calendar view“ (except that we see the calendar, of course), let alone an (easy) way to toggle between those views (list vs calendar).

And needless to say that when I e.g. switch to „General Discussion“ and then back to „Community Events“ (via the dropdown navigation menu, not the „hamburger menu“) I end up with the „list view“ again.

Is there a technical reason behind all this? Or am I just missing the very obvious here?

This is utterly confusing and I doubt that many people will now find the „Calendar view“ at all. Can we have the „Calendar button“ back, please? :wink:

I consider this issue solved, as an answer to my actual question „where is the calendar?“ was given.

However given that I had to ask this question in the first place and the given answer is „not very intuitive“ I still see room for improvement here - like bringing back the previous „Calendar“ button. I mean, there was such a button there previously, wasn‘t there?

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