Where do content providers (developers) go for non-public questions and/or NDA based support?

It seems the developer forum was archived and I was wondering where we can go for SDK questions and feature request that are not for public consumption (I signed an NDA for MSFS access and I have similar requirements for my own projects).

In addition, I had a couple of questions in the dev archived forum that seems to have gone MIA. Was hoping there is some “private” alternative so we can protect our content ideas and intellectual property.



Is there any direct email support for DLC providers?


Rob Ainscough
CEO Sim Horizon LLC

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Hello! The 3rd party forums have been archived (but available as read-only) to view old threads.

Here is the new platform for asking dev-related questions: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com

Ok, thank you. It appears that anyone can sign-up for an account, is there something more “developer only” (i.e. those of us on the original developer NDA contract)?

Cheers, Rob.

This thread made me a little upset

Are there developers that are more developers than others? Sounds a bit racist and reminds me those pigs from Orwell
“all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”

Why some had the opportunity to receive a different support than others?

We all bought the same product with the same sdk, some of us develop pleasure, some because they are generous, some are only looking for appreciation, and some for Money.
Why the latter had received more attention ?

Closing the dedicated forum to “3rd party Dev” whoever they are/were has been a wise decision by Microsoft/Asobo, a wiser One would be giving ALL the opportunity to read on that forum all the valuable information provided to the “more devs”
@Jummivana please apologize for my rant/wasting you valuable time

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I find your comment abusive and in violation of the terms of this website. Calling me a racist because I want to preserve my intellectual property?

MSFS is NOT an open source project, MS/Asobo (who are developers also) have not provided everyone with the source code and I respect their right to manage their intellectual property … and as such, I’m requesting the same considerations be provided to DLC developers also.

I’ve reported your “rant”.

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Temporarily closing topic pending Community Manager review.

Keeping topic closed since the question was answered, but to answer the second question, AnswerHub will the main platform for all developers. This also might be a great question to ask during the live SDK Q&A next week, perhaps they might be able to address it further.

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