Where do you install the sim?


Where did you install your game between the default location in AppData and creating a Flight Simulator folder in C: drive?

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Everyone is on my backup data drive where all my other games are installed.

Oh well. Since I’m just testing out the game, I will just install it in it’s default location.

Default location will be: C: > Program Files > WindowsApps

However, it will be a hidden folder.

My default location is C: > Users > XX > AppData > Local > Package > Microsoft.FlightSimulator

It’s where all my MS Store apps are installed.

I believe AppData is used to store all the data like save files and settings, etc. The actual game will be in WindowsApps.

Just need to give yourself access, all you need to do is go through Properties (right clicking WindowsApps in Program Files) > Security Tab > Advanced > then change the owner to you/Admin > replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries > Apply.

Then select Full Control and save all the changed settings.

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My C: is only 256GB, so I had it install on my 1TB NVME drive, next to X-Plane. That’s all I use that drive for. I also moved the rolling cache there and gave it a 200GB limit.