Where do you like to fly the chopper?

Down low is the most fun way to fly choppers, but the scenery can be hit and miss with both generated and photogrammetry areas.

So where in the world do you enjoy flying choppers?

And are any of the chopper scenery packs really worth while, or are they only good for a few flights?

This is an absolute must have for helicopter flying in Jeppeson2001 » Victoria Falls Scenery Package - Animated Falls & Rapids, 4 Bush Strips, 30 Helipads » Microsoft Flight Simulator

As is the Aerosoft North Sea industries.


Nice, just got the Mini 500 and Victoria Falls scenery as my first chopper and scenery purchases.
That North Sea Industries pack does look interesting, always fun to land on rigs and ships.

LA to san diego is so much photogrammetry and all kinds of little canyons and cool places to fly.

Then around MOAB in Utah!

And around Gateway in colorado!

Queenstown of course in new zeeland now after the update is fantastic!

Costa del sol is a lot of photogrammetry and lovely to fly in too, start Malaga Airport and explore the coast in either direction!


I am currently doing a north to South Island tour of New Zealand in the Cowansim 206. Still on the north island at the moment, nice rolling hills and good performance in VR.


Los Angeles is amazing for helicopters. Most of the higher buildings have helipads, and the photogrammetry is so good they are useable for landing even without addons.

Tokyo is very similar, excellent photogrammetry and lots of helipads on the higher buildings. Seems they are not actually used in real life, but only designed for emergencies. Again you cannot start on these helipads, but landing and then taking off again works just fine.

Third favorite for me is the freeware Return To Misty Moorings scenery pack in Alaska. So many lighthouses with helipads, and cabins where you need to find a suitable spot to land close by. Or you take a helicopter with floats like the freeware R44.


IniBuilds has a free Masai Mara scenery bundle that it perfect for helicopters.

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For practice, I like Reuinion Island with the freeware heliports from Flightsim.to.

Fly downtown Manhattan at night. Land in Times Square, go past Lady Liberty, enjoy the colors of the city. It’s magnificent.

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Flew twice in a chopper IRL ( as a passenger since I don’t have a license)
The first time was a scenic flight in a Bell ranger 206 over the grand canyon.
Unfortunately not THROUGH the canyon because that is not allowed.
The second ride was in robinson R-44, following the winding river called Ijssel in the Netherlands ( company was/is based at EHTE)
Currently I don’t use MSFS because my laptop limits me to ultra low settings and that ruins the sheer fun of sim flying.
But… I’m saving money in order to build a decent rig and get back in the virtual air soon.
For the time being I’m killing my spare time in the F-16 in DCS world.
Flying it is not really hard but mastering the A-A and A-G weapons is a different cookie.
Best accessories in general but for sure in the F-16 are a HOTAS with rudders and a VR set / track-Ir/Tobii.
In fact, you’re sitting on top of the viper with optimal clear view in all directions ( as far as you can stretch your neck.