Where have the DEV ROADMAPS gone. There was supposed to be a new on 'in the new year'

Anyone spotted one. We are well through Jan now and nothing has shown up.

Maybe they are waiting for the conclusion of the AAU1 beta…

From the last development update:


A new Development Roadmap and Feedback Snapshot will be available in an upcoming Development Update.

That’s all we know :man_shrugging:

Thanks for this.

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The same information is with the last few news

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Yep, said that on the 5th, 12th and 19th. For whatever reason, they’re not interested in elaborating on when this “upcoming development update” will be or what’s caused this to happen after 2 years of being pretty consistent. I’m guessing there have been some staffing changes.


We usually get these on Thursdays, so maybe tomorrow.

There seems to have been a big change to the status quo for sure. Going from being ultra-engaged on dev plans to months of radio silence suggests a shake-up in personnel, strategy, or both. At least this is happening at a point where (especially after AAU) the sim is in a really good place, so that’s a bit of a silver lining.

Nevertheless I’m starting to get the impression that the low-hanging fruit as far as Sim Update stuff is getting sparse, and MS/Asobo might be having second thoughts about pushing the core sim a whole lot further. That, combined with the possibility that the ATC overhaul everyone wants might be a year out (100% speculation on my part), is a plausible explanation why they’re trying to say nothing instead of giving vague bad news.


Something does seem wrong here.

Last Sim Update (11) was 11th November - That’s 11 weeks ago today.

Last World update (11 Canada) was 29th September - That’s 17 weeks ago yesterday.

And I’ve seen no AAU Working Title new forum messages in the last 10 days or so in an active beta.

On 26th Jan this post is the latest from the Devs, citing the next Dev Livestream for next Wednesday, 1st Feb, with info on WU12 New Zealand as the only significant item on the itinerary, and also saying AAU1 is almost done and soon ready for release.

But interestingly, still no new roadmap, which is worrying.

I hope I’m wrong and they are doing some significant upgrades which are just taking time.

Who knows, maybe they will surprise us with good things. But maybe they have had their budgets slashed in these tough times.

I’ve been really enjoying the Longitude AAU1, but the one thing which is really still pretty useless are the completely drunk ATCs who really don’t have a clue, suggest dangerous descents over mountainous regions, tell you to do something your plane is incapable of, have very limited vocabulary and logic, have no idea how to vector you onto finals, and are one of the biggest immersion killers in the sim at this point.

Live weather is great when it’s working, but often fails mid-flight resulting in clear skies when it should be otherwise.

We still have the annoying horizontal line on the horizon, most visible when the sun is low in the sky.

And there are still many reports of the sim crashing for some, while being fine for others.

Let’s hope they’ve been using the last 3 months to do something really positive behind the scenes.

This currently flawed sim is far to good to not continue the development.

I’m hoping that the silence is because Asobo have been busy reprogramming fundamental long-standing issues which have been exposed by AAU1 and which need to be fixed properly to allow AAU1 to work well. I know WT made some comments about some things lilke this which were limiting what they could do. There is some logic to this, with WT being very quiet in the forums (unlike previously, when they were quite active and responsive to bug reports) - they wouldn’t want to be making promises they have no control over…

Here’s hoping…

Your regularly scheduled Feedback Snapshot and Dev Roadmap haven’t been included since last month, but rest assured that they aren’t gone for good. There has been a momentary pause on them as the team ramps up the new year. We believe it was a better choice than to send up the same FS to you with stale numbers on it and no progress as we take the time to get everything updated properly.

Great things to come this year and for years to come! We apologize for the lack of Roadmap and FS this January.


Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to a great future with this sim. :grinning: :+1:


For many of the users, the MSFS is a little more than just a game, joint events and test flights are planned.
Due to server overload and weak Internet connections it can lead to several hours of grounding.

  1. Therefore, for a part of the community, the update data in the ROADMAP is important for their own time planning.
  2. Furthermore, as often requested possibility to postpone an update, at least by 24h is important.