Where Have You Been Today?

Lots of hours and miles logged today for me.

LFPG to SBGL - 78X
KJFK to PANC - F-15C
CYYZ to KIAH - F-15C

Portland, ME to LaGuardia with the CRJ-700. Fantastic scenery along the way, following the Hudson River south, past Manhattan and then turning North into KLG using the RWY31 Expressway Visual Approach (one of my favorites, it’s very scenic and challenging to fly). Doesn’t get much better. Loving this sim!

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LLBG to KSFO in the 78X for me today. What a long flight…

Short haul for me. Currently doing a career with A Pilot’s Life addon, working for Loganair. Had a lovely evening flight between the small island of Sumburgh into the main hub of Glasgow. Terrible weather, absolutely no visibility upto FL330. Rough winds and severe rains. Lovely Scottish autumn turning the cockpit into a warm and cosy place. :wink:


Flying around India for a few hours.

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I really want to keep this thread rolling. I get ideas on airports to fly to from others’ posts. Show us where you went today!

Where? Planet Reach and fighting Covenant on the Pillar of Autumn on the way to Halo. Taking a MSFS break while they repair bush flights.

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Across the Atlantic in a CRJ-700. From Natal, Brasil to St-Louis, Senegal

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Short flight in a Longitude, first one since the update, went from KHIO to KOTH (Hillsboro Or to Coos Bay/North Bend Or). About a 35 minute flight.

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we are currently doing a World Tour in the A320. This sector was Prague into Istanbul. Amazing approach into LTFM by the way

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YPPH to EGLL today for me in the 78X. 5:30 to go.


Made it! 16:20:45.


Flew the Amazon tour from SkyPark in the Milviz Pilatus Porter PC6. Came out of the mountains yesterday and finished along the Amazon today.

I did my first stretch from Hite Marina in Utah to Page Arizona through Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) with a DA 40 NG, it was really cool being 100-300 AGL at 120+ kts. Then I did a route from Naples Utah to Dutch John following the Green River through the canyon in the same aircraft, came out over Flaming Gorge Dam. I then flew a route directly over the Uinta Mountains from Dutch John to SLC in a Daher, a little bit of icing, but not enough to effect performance.
I also did my first semi long flight from SLC Utah to Las Vegas in the Citation, climbed to 25,000 and made a very long slow decent. I got my “wheels up wheels down achievement, managed to land it without issue.
I did a couple more short legs, but these flights were the most fun.
I’m kind of a MSFS junkie, have been for 20 plus years. Just got this for the Xbox. Can’t wait to obtain a Yolk/peddle/throttle setup, it would be way easier that an Xbox controller.

P.S. Bring on the Helicopters! :grin::+1:t2:

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YBCG-YBNA in the Turbo Arrow III.

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NZAA to OMDB in the F-15E today for me.

KAUS to KMSY - B748
KMSY to KMIA - B748
KMIA to KPHL - B748

Learning the 747 today. Mixed feelings. I’m enjoying it for the most part, though.

Happy flying!

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Did Boston to Block Island, and then messed around with the 777 leaving and coming into Boston.

And I am still playing lol.


If you all want a fun airport to land at and certainly a challenging one I recommend a favorite of mine where I learned to puddle jump at… 15g. You will enjoy it, would be better if the airport was modeled closer to the reality but it still feels like I’m there. 15g is 2310ft x 36ft wide. RWY 03-21, watch out on 21 as you will experience down drafts over the highway which is modeled on the sim and for those 150-152 pilots this is a power off / back approach to a landing here.

So check it out: 15g

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