Where I find the MSFS execution log?

I need to know if there is a possibility to identify through a log everything that MSFS executin over time, when it is running.
I’m a Steam user and I need to identify what may be compromising the performance of my simulator that has non-cyclical crashes.
I already formatted the machine and did the installation of everything from the beginning and the error happens again.
On the other hand I’ll try to extract from windows another service log and then take a look at the bios…
All this because of the SU8. Throughout my use of MSFS I have over 3,000 flight hours logged by Steam and I haven’t had a single error or performance issue. and all of a sudden this happens that ends up spoiling my experience with each flight. I’m wanting to investigate the cause and I need help from friends on the forum.
I posted this topic that explains with video what is happening.

Tanks for all!

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And short answer, which is given a lot of times in forum:

  • there is no log in MSFS

May you can use the stats given from developer mode.

PS: you duplicate your topic again ?

I have the same concern.
Perhaps we should look for parameters common to all those affected by these annoying stutters.
In my case:
oculus quest 2
Ryzen 5600x
gtx 1080 ti
no add-ons

And maybe someone more knowledgeable can explain to us why simply toggling developer mode on and off at the beginning of each flight effectively prevents these annoying stutters.

you can use the search function too :wink:

Yes, I doubled up because I see that it is a very complex subject and apparently you noticed and only now decided to participate and criticize. Friend, have patience.
I’m no noob and I’m asking for help and your attitude doesn’t contribute to what happened to me and many users.
Can you help us by contributing positively? What do you think? Could it be, for example, a memory leak?


I answered your question :wink: … and only these one about these topic here is, and not one of your duplicates…

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