Where is Spot View Distance (not just Zoom)?

I cannot find how to adjust the spot view distance. Just zooming in/out results in horrible perspectives with the tailplane eg looking as large as the wing.

Can someone tell me where this is found/

Bad luck…I still have not found it. Some things in MSFS are really BAD…period :woozy_face:

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In FS9, it was regulated by the aircraft radius as defined in the .air file. I still haven’t found where that data is stored now.

Has no-one found this?
In FSX you held CTRL and pressed + or -


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Anyone - surely this must exist?

It doesn’t in the way you describe it.

You can use the drone camera to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Really want this to be added too. I like my external view to be close to the aircraft in order to get a feeling of scale.

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Use drone mode and assign keys / buttons to move the camera.

You could also try creating a custom view (and make it external) using the following trick, note tho, the camera will behave like it is “attached” to the plane because it is actually an internal view that has been moved outside the cockpit.

Thankyou - I’ll try that.