Forward View, No Instrument Solution (Plus "Walkaround" for every plane ! )

This is a workaround to get a forward view without instruments.

You do this by creating a custom camera beyond the limits of the cockpit.

All your existing views, instruments and model files remain intact

You need to have keys assigned to move around within the cockpit.


You move as far forward as you can, looking forward over the dash.

Then create a custom camera (ctrl / alt / 0) .

Exit the sim.

Then take a look in the aircraft folder created here …

C:\Users"Your ID"\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes

There should be a folder with your aircraft and a cameras.cfg file within

Backup this file.

Load the original cameras.cfg file and edit the InitialXyz = xxx,xxx,xxx at the bottom of the camera definition.

In my case, I changed this…

InitialXyz= 0.029418, 0.099884, 0.379973

to this …

InitialXyz= 0.029418, 0.099884, 1.379973

I added 1 to the 3rd number against InitialXyz and saved.

Reload the sim and load your aircraft.

In my case, I select the custom cam in the sim (alt / 0) which moves me forward 1ft beyond the instruments and screen, still behind the prop (c172 in my case).

I now have a clear view with no instruments in the way.

A bit more tweaking and you could probably keep the rain effects etc by being just inside the screen, but outside the normal cockpit camera limits. Just move the camera back with the keys. Not too far or you’ll be back inside the cockpit limits. Then save.

BONUS. Once outside the cockpit limits, you can do a walk around the plane using the defined cockpit movement keys.

You can also save more external custom camera views without the cockpit constraints !

AND walk around the plane and enter through the side of the plane at the rear seat which you normally can’t get to, then save another custom camera if you wish.


I like this solution a lot!

Thank you for this.

This works. Way easier method than my hack: - YouTube i have to delete my video :slight_smile:

Thanks jojuniss,

If it wasn’t for your efforts, we might never have discovered this workaround.

It’s a team effort.


Next project: working trackIR with android Phone, ipad or web cam. I have them all. If TrackIR is good for me, i will buy real version. TrackIR, your forward view solution with Campusto’s ipad hack… that could be pretty awesome setting for discovering world.

NOTE: When setting up your cameras, do not use the Dev mode Aircraft Selector to switch around between planes.

It doesn’t appear to bring in the new aircraft’s custom view settings properly and you could get unstuck.

I have reported this as a bug.

I can’t see the video. It seems to be private?

There is new method, easier one:

Check that hack in action

just noticed that i can get some sick wing views without the drone cam with this, thx!

Thank you DizzyBasket7278
Works perfectly as I wanted it.
I made a Video how to do it step by step:


Nice Video. Thanks nils8107.

Don’t forget, now that you are beyond the cockpit limits, you can save more custom views. You can also do a “walkaround” of your plane.


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I don’t have the sim yet (I seem to put this caveat in almost everything i post in this forum :frowning: ) but is there a forward facing, non cockpit view with instruments? I’ve seen screenshots of instruments in external views.

Yes , it’s the external/chase view with hud enabled.

Thank you.I will try this.

Thanks much!

Does this work with the steam version also this way? The “LocalCache”-file is empty

So it’s external. Not internal?

When I use this method to get a forward view without instruments or the aircraft (scenery only) I still get the flickering of the propeller… is there any way to fix this?

I can’t find…folder in “Packages”.

I found a camera.cfg file under F:\MSFS 2020\Official\Steam\asobo-aircraft-xcub\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_XCub

Is this the same file? I changed the value, but nothing happened

Same for me. Couldn’t get it to work despite the good video guide. Maybe I did something wrong.