Where is the quality control

Sometime I wonder with big companies like MS and Adobo do they even test their own updates or is it just good enough well fix it later. The new update with the flaps is absurd, longitude with the dynamics mod landing is around 130 to 135 about, but with this last update landing flaps are so overdone I’m falling to 110ish with no stall warning just to land, why not have a set of community members test these updates to ensure their quality. Well anyways fixed the issue by changing the flap coefficient as per modders but really, how was this overlooked.


I am convinced that Asobo knew about the errors in the update. They only released the update so that there would not be more complaints.


your right! But also the airport sign´s… they say, they adjust the size… yeah… they adjust the size from “hm its okay, not real, but okay” to “I never see this thing in real life, so i make it big like a bus!”

come on Asobo… such things are a bad joke! Don´t understand me wrong…the sim had much potential, but some changes are simply not comprehensible at all!!! I ask me, do anybody takes a look onto the changes? anybody who knows “the real thing”? It seems not!


All - My analogy is this:
I buy new car, within hours, engine develops issues, knocking, oil consumption, etc. Take to dealer for warranty work, the service writer see’s the issues, notes them on the writeup, and the technician figures that changing the tires will cure the issues, when the “main part of the car-engine is broken”.

Not to complain too much but, instead of fixing the core issues, Asobo and MS are putting development dollars/repair work mostly into “the fluff of the world” to draw in more people so the money flow continues. I cannot comment on if the navigation/atc/ap issues have been fixed or improved, as hurt right wrist and cannot fly much. Others will have to document those and tell us. I am hopeful soon (at least this year 2021) the core issues will be fixed so we can just enjoy the technical as well as the flying. Now, one post shows TBM trying to land, at idle, and plane refuses to slow down for that, so some of the physics of the planes are bad, if that is correct word, I have not documented this. Could be a bad setting someplace. My favorite plane won’t be in MSFS so I am thinking of taking time to get HC-TQ working and setup in FSX so I can fly there, but wrist??? Time will tell.


Regarding the taxiway sign issue. I’ve developed several GA Airports. I’ve had the taxiway signs at I think size 2, scale at 1, and the pretty much match actual size before and after the update.

I’m assuming large taxiway signs were bugged before? Did developers fix it by scaling their taxiway signs, but, now that it’s fixed, they’re huge? So, in this case, is it a matter of Asobo correcting a bug and now developers have to recompile, or, is the code actually bugged again even though Asobo “fixed it”?

I would like to see them tone down their brightness, they are impossible to read at night.

Flaps… on the planes I fly, I didn’t notice a difference, but, I haven’t flown the planes people seem to be complaining about.

Toggling VR mode deletes your flight-plan.


BAFFLING this kind of bug can get through the first 5 minutes of testing. If this is the level of quality control we can expect, then it’s I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when the 747 floats down the runway forever at literally 119 knots.


Last night I flew the TBM for the first time since the update. I came in for a landing at RWY 12 at KOPF.
I glided along the entire length of the 6800 foot runway about a meter off the ground at 45-50 kts on zero power before powering back up for a go-around.

I landed the plane the second time, but angle at which I had to nose down to make contact with the ground would more than likely have resulted in a prop strike in real life.

I think MSFS is part of the Star Wars universe now and planes got equipped with repulsor lifts.


Yeah I don’t get how the physics are still changing from update to update… Across all planes. Think we would be tweaking specific airplanes now, not the entire game physics… dunno

Considering the number of planes, the size of the planet, the number of variables, how long were you expecting them to test for considering you bought a 60 bucks game?

There isn’t. That’s the simple answer I found. Most of the issues can be seen in less than 5 minutes. I understand 1 member can’t see them. But if there are 100 testers. Surely you will find them.

But for some reason I can’t understand they don’t release beta versions. Or they consider this as a beta stage. Which would be insulting. Because they charged the full product.

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After the first land I felt no good. After the second land I looked around the forum, because it still didn’t feel normal. So if they just do the landings on the fancy-schmancy handcrafted airport they would have notice it, especially we talk about handful people

Asobo are great with mapping/scenery/graphics.
Aircraft/aerodynamics/physics on the other hand…NO…I’ll wait on dedicated 3rd party payware devs for proper aircraft performance.


Just in case anyone in this thread might not be aware, there’s a thread about this in the bug section. Found this issue as well the day of the update and came on here to see if anyone else has and sure enough. This thread has over 600 posts and over 400 up votes. An FS team member said he reported it to the team:

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It’s disappointing it takes an army of modders to make these planes even work correctly between updates. (but i do appreciate them) I can’t keep up between the updates and keeping my mods in sync with fixes. I spend more time on that, then flying.

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I try the new TBM mod tonight and have no problem with an ILS landing at about 80 kts, maybe a little longer glide than usual, but otherwise it felt ok, so try the new mod, you can open doors and do other fun things with it also.

When I did my TBM flight, Mugz hadn’t yet released the update of the mod with the fix in it. It was I’ve since grabbed it. Just haven’t actually flown the TBM since installing it.

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Longer than they apparently did.

And I paid 120.


Im guessing this is your first flight sim. The size of the planet has nothing to do with the flight model. And a $60 game is AAA title price, from a AAA studio, and publisher. Something as immersion breaking as planes being replaced with hovercrafts should never make it out of Q&A

– Not to mention, it would have only taken 5 minutes to discover this bug. And im certainly not buying that it slipped through on packing the update.


5 mins at least. Is that too much to ask?

A320 flaps completely broken. Autopilot lurches off course. The one airliner that worked and they managed to break it.