Where is the quality control

Not even 5 minutes, an automated test should’ve caught that issue with the flaps.


I have 20+ years involved with software testing and have my concerns for what is going on. From our perspective I can’t tell if testing is missing issues or issues are found but decisions made not to include fixes in the release.


A quote from news announcement about the flaps.

“The problem was caused by a mistake in the build process, which integrated some incomplete improvements to the flight model into the latest update.”

Looks like it was simply poor attention to detail. smh

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They just don’t care. Actions speak louder than words.

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Basically par for the course

And from the thread raised in wishlists to plead for a hotfix now:

So…Jummivana hears us and will pass on our passion. Whether those that made the decision not to hotfix hear us…remains to be seen. However, whatever happens here…this will set a precident.

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Blockquote The problem was caused by a mistake in the build process, which integrated some incomplete improvements to the flight model into the latest update.”

Need i say more

Changes to flaps was a feature in the changelog. How can you not test the flaps?


What is this word test you speak of :joy:

Ah well, Asobo have probably employed qualified software testers…who know smeg all about flight sims. I’ve been a dev stuck with a professional software tester that has no clue about the subject matter. It gets to the point where you just start to ignore your testers reports cos they’re all boneheaded.

They may have a lot of software testers but 1 flight model tester and that tester happened to be their CEO who didn’t have much time to test.

That sounds about right to me :man_shrugging:

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Yes!!! Exactly…lipstick on a :pig:

@WashedTrack779 Agree! These QA items have to be known before release, they choose to release anyway. Some are so obvious how could it be missed? Perhaps commitments to Microsoft for a release schedule. Just seems odd, they advertise a release date and it seems good or bad you are getting it. Which is really lousy since you can’t opt out of it.

Use the Fly By Wire mod – PLEASE! Everyone complaining about the A320 is clearly not using this mod, because it flies perfectly.


Finding issues is the easy part. I’m sure most of the bugs were seen by Developers in testing along with many more that were fixed in time, ones that we’ll never know about. There seems to be an assumption that any new bugs found can easily be sorted.

It’s disappointing I guess but given the scope of the game and the number of interlocking variables, I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job so far. I’d expect the most fundamental issues to be patched or resolved by the end of the first year but it’s a moving target in reality, each update will bring new issues, even in 2030.

My problem isn’t so much the botched update - though that’s bad. My problem is with how they’re responding to it. As in, we thought about a hotfix but then decided, nah, we might as well just wait for the next update in a few weeks - hey, guys, you’re on your own. Now, there may be very good reasons for deciding against a hotfix. But I’d like to know what they are. Because without an explanation, it looks like they just decided not to bother. More proof that corporate crises aren’t caused by the initial mistake - they’re caused by what you do and say afterwards.

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What concerns me the most is the suspect that MS philosophy is rather “let’s get a game that everybody enjoys playing without frustration “ than “let’s make a good flight simulator that challenges the pilots skills”.
Landing is the most difficult and challenging part of a flight, so let’s ease that a bit letting our planes float like UFOs and not crash to the ground… so our XBox players will be happy

there is another concern.
if they keep on breaking stuff with every update, casual players are bound to leave.
i think a lot of manpower is used now to make the sim ready for xbox, but these kinda users, mostly casual ones, will leave soon with all these issues.
i already have taken the decision to not buy any addon, unless the sim gets more stable.

And taxi lights all over the place.
they should ask for users beta testers, I’m sure some people will be interested, and issue pre-release. not directly mandatory update.

casual player is typically not much into flight dynamics… so whether a given plane does or does not behave like the real thing won’t bother him too much, as far as he can handle it easily enough to enjoy the bird´s eye views of the Bing photogrammetry.
It seems to me that MS is rather trying to give a watered flying experience to fit the casual/general player than accommodate the needs of the serious simmer.

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