Where is the Replay option and Tower & Cinematic Camera

We are missing replays in Fs Which is very much important feature for sim analysis. And we want tower camera view t view our take off and landing. and also Cinematic view


We do, or you do? We want, or you want?



Sam, you’ve to be patient I guess. It’s not implemented yet, but the development or third party will face your personal wishes soon


The drone cam will do the majority of what your asking for…

I do not agree. The drone camera is pretty good for taking pictures but it’s definitely needed an external fixed camera that would allow, as Sam says, both video making, and landing checking.
It’s really fundamental especially considering the aestetic investment they made


I never found the tower view to be of any value in previous versions, so I have no need or desire for that, nor do I care about a cinematic view (drone cam works fine), but I definitely would like to see a replay feature.

Drone does not stay pointed at the aircraft while the old tower view did. I used to get great video clips of my landings (using replay) and would have attach one below but .mov files are not allowed.:roll_eyes:. Since there is no replay there is no way to record anything after the fact. What good is drone anyway if I can only use it during pause or live flying… the controls to the plane are inactive during drone operation (in my experience) The entire Drone function seems to be waste of programming effort. I know “drones” in general are a cool new thing in the world but what is the point of them in a flight simulator??? While the 10 year old FSX had both replay AND tower view. Why did those get left out??? Just a pity. Hoping they are both brought back, the sooner the better.


I use the drone during every single flight to take pictures, and I use it to enjoy the scenery as I fly. It has a lot of potential for people who like to take pictures, because it can zoom from telephoto to wide angle, with nice depth-of-field effects :slight_smile:

A replay function would allow me to take pictures of specific things, like fly-pasts and landings after my flight is finished, which would allow me to fly hands-on a bit more. A the moment, taking a picture of a landing or take-off requires a pause to prevent the risk of crashing into the ground in a heap of smoking rubble :boom:

for me at least a screenshot key on my keyboard or controller that does not pick up the utility “T” (still don’t know what that disappearing thing is called). I use the X-Box capture function which lets me take many pictures, but waiting for that “T” to disappear is confounding (I don’t care to pause the game after 25 years of simming). I see so many good films of MSFS 2020 and I’m sure none of those pros and YouTubers need and in-game film capture.

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Totally agree!! I spend so much time erasing the menu T it’s awful…
It’s gotta have full quality captures though. I have tools to modify the pictures later if I so desire.

Regarding video capture, I use OBS. The problem is, rather than using the hat on my joystick or trackir at the moment (I hate how distracted trackIR gets by light sources in my room. It really only works well at night), I use the mouse view. The problem is, as soon as I turn on mouse view, OBS stops capturing. Does anyone have a workaround for that?

Press “C” while using the drone to control the plane. Acts as a toggle, so be careful if you press it and switch back to the plane. When you switch back to drone it will still be controlling the plane

And with Tab (if I recall correctly) you can disconnect the camera from following the plane so it becomes static. You can make your own temporary fly-by or tower view then. Though it won’t automatically turn to focus on the plane.

I would like to be able to control both the camera AND the plane simultaneously though, rather than using ‘C’ to toggle as mentioned above. Maybe it’s possible with correct key bindings or a controller mapped for the camera; I didn’t try yet.

The new drone camera certainly has its place but I would like some camera improvements and a few more options to be made available. Being able to vary the distance from camera to plane in the regular external view for a start, but there are other threads for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good news,

there will be a replay tool for MSFS2020 available already in January.
I tested it and it is actually really great! Watching MSFS2020 in replay and slow motion is sooo much more beautiful. This will enable video creators for so many great things!

You can also setup the drone on the tower and then watch your landings from the tower perspective.

Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpb-IntaIHk&feature=youtu.be