Where is the update

I can’t find the fs2020 Update in MS-Store. No update ist available.
Without updating, I can’t fly.
Tips where I can find the actual update?
Greetings from Germany

Here is what people were suggesting and worked for me: Try downloading and opening the XBox app from MS Store, then, with XBox app open, try again for updates in the MS Store. If MSFS still does not show up, logout of the MS Store, log back in and try again checking for updates.

Download and install xbox app

Restart PC

Launch xbox app and sign in.

Recheck for updates in microsoft store app

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Source https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/message-game-update-available-in-ms-store-but-no-updates-available-in-store/452020/2

What worked for me:

Get the Xbox app from the Store (easier than manual install)
Launch app and sign in with the same cred’s you use for the sim (if it doesn’t automatically do that for you)
Launch sim from left bar in Xbox app
Sim will send you back to the Store, where it should now update the core files.
Relaunch sim any way you like to update the “Standard Package” files.
Go to the Content Manager to get updates to Deluxe/Premium files and previous WU sets.
Go to the Marketplace to get the WU6 packages.
Close everything out and restart sim.

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