Where is the W key?

I used to love looking at the scenery without the cockpit in-view in FSX. Pressing W went into Wide View.

Where is the W key in FS2020?

I’d love a full screen forward view without the cockpit.

That doesn’t exist in FS2020. Personally, I miss the “mini-panel,” but I’ve quickly gotten used to flying and landing from the VC.

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Please use the search function and you will locate several threads about this topic

Yes this functionality is really necessary. Landing through the cockpit is less fun. The Replay is also missing. This is serious, because impossible to judge its landing. With time…

Its a flightsim, you cant just leave the cockpit of a real plane, I dont use any external view whilst flying, its a flight sim.

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Those views can make a video look more interesting, though. Since we don’t have a replay system yet, everything has to be done live, so either AP, or hand flying, while juggling views.

In P3D world I would hide the cockpit and show something on main screen but hide it. This way I can see the wings when looking that way. I was hoping FS 2020 allowed that but I found setting the custom camera I created a nice setup. I use Camera 1 to look out the window in the front but not using the zoom except in some cases 1 click forward. Camera 2 is the left side and camera 3 is the right. Then assign my left and right on the buttons on my honeycomb yoke (button 9 10) and button 1 for the front view. That hat switch was left the same. So I just use the same buttons for camera 1,2 3 for each plane

OK… nobody else will say it… it’s still between the Q and the E! :joy:


My first thought was “Do you not have a keyboard?” :rofl:

Everyone knows it’s right next to the “Any Key”…duh

The W key is located in the top left area, in between the Q and the E key on your keyboard, and above the S and under the number 2 on a standard keyboard. It’s easy to miss, so it’s understandable.

Maybe use this guide to set up a foward view outside of the aircraft. I think you can bind it to W key if you want to.

Ok thanks for its location, I’m gonna send my AZERTY keyboard for repair… :crazy_face: