Where is this scenery

After MSFS update 8, during the loading of the game there is a picture of a place close to the ocean that has a red bridge a cross monument, and an island or peninsula on the bay that has an airport. I would like to find out what is that airport. That area looks beautiful. Hope some one knows… I don’t know of a way to load up the picture here.

Look here, Lisboa /Portugal!

Topic moved into #community:general-discussion-feedback as this isn’t a bug related to SU9 Beta but rather a question. Thank you.

take a Rnav3 approach to lisabon airport and you’ll fly over it :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
After talking with @Hester40MT , we agreed that it might be best in World Discovery. Sorry for all of the moves!

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Awesome, thanks for your help. I will be flying there now.

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