Where’s the Magic Kingdom?

Greetings! I’m enjoying MFS on my newly built PC but can’t seem to find the Magic Kingdom.

I put in the coordinates and I fly right right above where it’s supposed to be but all I ever see is buildings and lakes. It’s as if this is what the area would look like today if Walt Disney were never born. Is that scenery included?

Also, no Sears Tower in Chicago? Does anyone have a flight plan to help me find the Magic Kingdom? I always take off from Kissimmee.

Sounds like online data is disabled and all the scenery is missing. Check that everything’s enabled and working?

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I have it, even if the castle got badly punched in the face. Double check your Data settings, if you get connection error, the game tends to disable Bing without warnings.

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Have you installed the free World Updates from the in-sim marketplace?

There should be one for the USA, which includes all the POIs

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Would you explain how you were able to do that, specifically? If you used coordinates, what exactly did you type? I can copy and paste. Or What exactly was your flight plan? I Downloaded all the updates (USA and such) and as far as I can tell, everything is enabled.


Go to Google Maps
Search for Disney World in Orlando
Put a pin on an empty space on the map (I don’t know why but there is no coordinates displayed on my phone if the pin is on a known place)
Copy the coordinates that are displayed
Go to FS map
Paste in the search bar

Here you go!

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Yes, I did. I know I have to be in the vicinity but I see nothing. I used google for coordinates but maybe I should try Bing?

Yes, and all latest updates. I’ll try again.

To confirm again, since you ignored it earlier: is online data on?

Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore, I thought you were asking if I had internet by that question and I thought I answered when I said I did all updates. I don’t know but I’ll check my settings where I assume “Online Data” is located and get back to you.

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No worries. :slight_smile: I believe it’s under Options → General → Data section, there should be a couple switches about online data for scenery, which controls the ability to download ground textures and photogrammetry scenery. Without these enabled, you will get very bad appearance of all areas and buildings.

These sometimes get automatically turned off if the sim thinks you’re offline temporarily, and it being disabled will persist and must be turned back on.

So I turned on the settings and rebooted but couldn’t get in due to a mandatory update. I did the update (which was MAJOR) and I now am able to see Magic Kingdom so I’m good. Thanks for your assistance!

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