Where to go if get no answer on these forums?

If we are unable to get a solution to an issue on these very helpful forums, what do we do? Is there a way of contacting the devs at all?

Perhaps the developers’ own forums, their support channels on their website or discord.

There are other flight sim forums around also which offer support. I won’t list these out of respect for this forum but a quick google should suffice :slightly_smiling_face:

A very open ended and general question this. It will obviously be very dependent on what the issue is. You don’t state the issue so it’s hard to be specific and will just result in equally generalised responses.if you give more specifics I’m sure someone will be able to give you a more specific response.

You will most likely get an answer on the forums, based from past experience.

There is also the MSFS Discord, and you can post on there.

If you still don’t get an answer, you can submit a ticket to Zendesk.

Thanks guys. It’s just that I had posted on the issue here
All achievement history, binds etc. lost on windows install! - Community Support / Tech Support - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
and I am very keen to get all my progress back so I was just wondering if there was na alternative to posting here. I can’t face having 2 years of progress go down the tubes!

If you are after any sort of “official” communication from MSFS support then afaik the only channel that is available is filing a ticket on zendesk and waiting for a response there.

There are no other direct lines of communication to the developers that I am aware of… if that helps!

Thanks guys. I guess I was just a bit surprised that no one here seemed to know the answer to my query about getting achievements, scores back after reinstall.
Oh well, I’ll try elsewhere as suggested above.

Because (unfortunatly) there is no way to get them back. :man_shrugging:

In 2021 it happened to me also. I lost all my logbookentries and flight hours, just due to a simple MSFS update. I contacted Zendesk and got an answer, however, the answer was not that pleasing: it can’t be brought back, once lost it is lost for good…

Sorry, but there is no solution to your problem, hence you didn’t get an answer here on the forums. :man_shrugging:

Thanks again.
The weird thing is, that my controller bindings and logbook history are all intact. It’s just all my training, landing scores, etc. that are gone.

those stats (landing scores and profile numbers) are stored on the server and are tied to your account afaik
they would have to be to carry over to other platforms like xbox or vice versa to pc from xbox

i have lost mine twice, both times was a result of leaving the beta program
ive also heard this can be a problem if you use pc and xbox (like its possible to loose these stats jumping back and forth between the two) but i dont have xbox so no idea on that

afaik you can not get them back, but i did not bother with a zendesk ticket

Thank you.
I’m using the same account and have never used an XBox. When you say it happened when you left the beta program, do you mean the MSFS or Windows beta?