Wheres the hotfix

It has been five days since wu6 was released. Many people have been disrupted from using the sim. Please when will the hot fix be released. Thank you


Also waiting. Hoping today.

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Would like a solid date.

It will come when it’s ready. this is the problem, rushed releases.


A hot fix is just that. They tested this release. They should know who broke what


The hotfix will be released when it’s ready.
A solid date would only serve to rush it out if it takes longer to prepare than anticipated, except if it has to be postponed, in which case the failure to keep the promise would cause an outrage.


Not as simple as that, not everyone suffers the same problem.

for me personally it’s running better than ever.


What are your computer specs?

the lights are everyones problem
the stutters and ctds are a huge part of the users problems


i9 11900k
RTX 3070ti
32GB ram

second machine

i7 6700k

works well on both machines, of course better performance on the primary machine.

thought it should be the case for Sim/World updates too…


That makes sense. I have a i9 9th gen, gtn 1080 and using vr. CTD a lot.

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Render scale to 100 resloves night lighting bug. CTD’s are more than likely caused by a 3rd Party add on in the community folder.

Not saying this is always the case as some people are suffering CTDs with a vanilla install.

Turning off live traffice resolved CTD’s for many. The hotfix may not even fix the CTD’s for now, they have been existant since day one.


thats a high end system that most people dont have Im sure that those specs are not listed on the product

CTD is a nuisance for many, I suffered with them after SU5 but after a fresh install and live traffice disabled it seemed to of fixed it.


I follow the forum pretty close. I must have missed something. What exactly is disrupting the use of the sim?


I was a programmer and am embarresed for the programmers that tested this


My alternative machine is very middle of the road and that performs well. I use both

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with all due respect, you can’t open a thread then say to someone " it’s not worth a reply" the problem with alot of CTD’s is down the to user messing with config files, adding tonnes of mods AGAIN not saying this is the case for everyone but we as users are very quick to play the blame game…

The sim is very new, the launch of Xbox was a massive undertaking aswell.

again, not to diss your frustration as I get your pain, trust me I have been there but what I will say is we need to be far more patient.

we have a habit of screaming for hotfixes and then when they get released we slander the devs for releasing without proper testing, we need to find a balance as a community.


not screaming, just asking for a date solid on a fix

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