Which aircraft should I get first, Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737?

Hi there, I am interested in the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 737, Which one would you guys go for first and Why? I would also like opinions of both aircraft please. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

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Hmmm…this is tough. I find myself deciding between the two when I want to fly that sized aircraft on short runs(relative to the 78X and 747). I’m REALLY liking the 320. It’s a tougher plane to get set up pre-flight, but the challenge of learning it has proven to be quite enjoyable now that I can fly it well.

I’d go 320. 737 is a VERY close second.


Why torture yourself.

Get both! :slight_smile:


Interesting. Why do you think this? I have both planes and find getting everything ready to go takes more set up on the 737.

I do agree they are both very good though.

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The 320 requires you to do more prep on the ground than the 737. You’re going to spend 10-15 min with the 320 before you have a full plan, correct weights, and performance settings dialed in. The 737 does more of that for you initially.

With that said, I never had interest in the 320NX or the stock 320. I’m a Boeing guy, so consider that with my opinions.

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If I had to pick between the two, I’d pick the PMDG. The reason is because the PMDG 737 is a completely different aircraft to fly. While Fenix A320, as amazing as it is. It’s very familiar and the most common working operations are already covered in the freeware FBW A32NX aircraft.

I bought both, but I don’t feel like the purchase I made for the Fenix is justified. I did a single flight in the Fenix, and while it is successful, I only feel slight difference compared to flying the FBW A32NX. Just a disclaimer though, I only go through the most common flight process without diving through the other features that I don’t need. Now Fenix does simulate a lot of things like circuit breakers, and failures, etc. But none of those things are important to me as I never really need to touch them at all. So it’s similarity and familiarity is something that I feel I’m paying money for something that I already get in the FBW A32NX.

PMDG 737 however, it flies completely differently, has different flight dynamics, different systems, and different procedures. So I feel it’s a completely different aircraft compared to the FBW A32NX, so the money I paid for it was completely worth it.

Now it’s up to you… If you are just an Airbus-preferred simmer and want to learn about the in-depth feature of a true A320, then the Fenix is the way to go. But if you just want something different than what you already have in a free FBW A32NX, then PMDG 737 is the way to go.


Agree with neo. I’d get the 737 (you may want to wait for the -800 to drop if you care about real operations and accuracy, as it’s more popular than the -700 in the real world). The Fenix is good but so is the FBW A320 and it gets better. I find the FBW sufficient for normal flight operations and procedures.


Fenix A320 for sure.

I bought the PMDG but waiting the EFB, makes things much easier for me enrich the experience.


I’d get the PMDG, it’s totally different than the A320 that’s already well covered by the FBW A320. I want the Fenix because I like having variety, but the 737 is something different, and its a smaller model ( -700) and opens up new routes that the A320 doesn’t or can’t fly. Plus there is a cargo and BBJ variant with the 737


FBW 320 is a great great airplane, but not even close where the fenix a320 is right now. Maybe in a few years from now.


thats what i did. If spending 100 bucks is not a problem. This is a no brainer. 2 great toys to play with.

Another thing to keep in mind. PMDG get the best FPS right now while the fenix is a much more heavy on the system. So depending on your system, the pmdg might be the best option.


Well, there’s been an Airbus in the sim since release. And if you use the Fly By Wire mod, it’s a very full featured aircraft. There hasn’t been a decent quality modern Boeing though.

Really comes down to personal preference. Some people say:

If it ain’t Boeing, I’m not going.

While others say:

If it ain’t a Bus, what’s the fuss😊


Get the Fenix first and wait for the PMDG 737-800. It’s still more than 2 months away so you’ll have a great time with the Fenix and after that, by that time PMDG hopefully will have an EFB. And don’t fall for the PMDG Marketing trick.

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I think everyone agrees with this statement. Nobody is arguing that FBW A32NX is nowhere close to the fidelity of Fenix. But it’s all about different people and their usability approach to flying the airbus.

An analogy would be putting a nail in the wall using a jackhammer. The Jackhammer has all the bells and whistle and allows you to both build a shack or a skyscraper. But sometimes all you need is just a nail in the wall, and for that a low-tech hammer is sufficient.

Like I said in the previous post, we all know Fenix is the most complete and feature-rich A320 right now. But sometimes we all just want a simple flight from point A and point B with a “decent” enough fidelity. And for that, the FBW A32NX is more than sufficient for those needs. And you said it too, it’ll keep on improving and the final goal is to have the same fidelity if not more than the Fenix. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint to get there.


You can also complete a flight from A to B with default Asobo 320

But you can not say default 320 is enough

The difference between Fenix 320 and FBW320 is larger than that between FBW320 and Asobo 320

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Fenix is top1 now

Get it and wait for PMDG 737-800

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PMDG not launching this aircraft with an EFB was a little dissapointing. Fenix did a great job on the EFB and FBW is doing even a better job. EFB makes the experience in the cockpit much more complete in my opinion.


i was having the same dilemma a few days ago. ended going with the fenix. i don’t regret it, very happy with it. i will wait for PMDG to release some other variants and then i will pick it up also.

it depends if you are more into Airbus or Boeing at first place.
If that doesnt matter, id say get the FENIX A320. Its just more complete and polished than the PMDG 737 in the actual state.

Also, keep in mind, you pay full price for every PMDG 737 variant, so wait for the 800 and get that, instead of the 700. You have more options if you care about simulating real world routes.
In Europe, the 700 is about to disappear.

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whats the main differences between the 700 and 800?