Which Airport Keeps You Coming Back

I keep returning to my home airport and the places I used to fly to for work (all over the Canadian west coast).

I love visiting other places (currently searching out famous F1 and MotoGP tracks) but for some reason I keep coming back to these areas I know so well.

Which, now that I type it out, seems super dumb because at least I used to get paid to do it! :smiley:

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I am certainly guilty of flying the Nurburgring. Simmers gotta sim. In air or on ground. :joy:

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With Airliners i take off from EDDF/Frankfurt. It’s 75km away from my hometown.
I only bought the Standart Box Version and i hope they bring a 3rd Party EDDF airport.
The 60€ extra for the 787(non funktional yet :wink:) and the EDDF airport, it was not worth for me.
I saved the money for a 3rd party 737.

For the GA planes i take my local Airport EDFM/Mannheim, were i live.
And i am glad they photogrammetry Mannheim in the sim :+1:t2:

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Local airport+ area is modeled so well. KBOS is very nice (shame it’s not handcrafted), and the Boston area is modeled superbly. My house is lucky enough to be in photogrammetry, so flying in my local area is a great pastime.

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My hometown got photogrammetry too. I live in Salt Lake City, USA. Our two cities NEVER get this much sim love!

I love Frankfurt! And that airport is an iconic monster! I flew in as a passenger on Aeroflot in 1990.

The upgrade is totally worth it. You also get a broken Longitude!

Really though, the 787 is improving greatly and is almost on par with the other airliners in Standard. In a patch or two, it might be ready for you. That hydraulic jumbo does have an unique feel.


Haha… The longitude… :grin:

The CJ4 is enough for me :wink:.
And i only use the A32nx…they do an awesome job.

There is a 3rd party 787 in development if i’m not wrong. I hope for that one.

Happy flights…

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Paro and Kathmandu are both wonderful airports that you must visit and come back again👍🏻


I made a harrowing approach in inclement and low visibility weather into Paro early on after release. Time for me to go back there.

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KICT, Wichita, Kansas. I have been there more times than I can count, in Prepar3d and now in MSFS.

The reason is a rule I have made for myself in the sim to make things a bit more interesting: The first time I try out a new aircraft I go to the factory airport to fly it. There are a lot of aircraft types made in Wichita, Kansas.

Frequent visits to Seattle and Vero Beach for the same reason. I hear a lot of good things about the TBM, so I see a transatlantic trip in my near future.


Kastrup Copenhagen. I used to fly there a lot IRL in my previous job so it feels sort of second home.

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My home airport KASH… and another airport I used to love to fly into… 69NH… Unfortunately, it closed in 2005… But, that’s ok I remade it :slight_smile: (I redid KASH, too)
Those and KAFN Silver Ranch as well, a quick hop over the hills north of KASH just south of Mt Monadnock. It’s an interesting airport because its runway is quite sloped, so if you take off to the south, you’re going down hill, but, as you climb out, the ground is also rising along with you. Fun in real life, too :slight_smile:

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Belfast City and Belfast Aldergrove, hope someone dose a scenery update for them .

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I live in the UK so my local airport and base is East Midlands (EGNX). Just did a flight to Gibralter (LXGB) in the A320neo, now that’s an airport to land at :grin:

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and I am in Liverpool so for me it’s always EGGP. Although it’s non-handcrafted and default, it does a very decent job and I can’t wait for Digital Design to port/re-make their Prepar3D EGGP to MSFS 2020!

Here’s the beautiful trailer for their EGGP if you are interested and love the Beatles :smiley:


LOWI Innsbruck in Austria. Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.
Very complicated arrival and departure procedures and throw in some weather and you quickly forget you’re in a chair in the spare bedroom.


I seem to gravitate towards Oakland-Auburn as I have become familiar with that area and the fixes etc on the approaches to Oakland etc from watching Jerry’s videos on Youtube. Although living in the Midlands, UK, I’m hoping UK 2000 do some “VFR airports” as they did in FSX, as my local, Leicester is way off at the moment, as are my other nearby airports Coventry and Birmingham.


I’m in Lancashire too and probably equidistant from EGCC (Manchester), EGPP (Liverpool) and EGNO (Warton/BAE) so tend to use these locally. Also EGPD (Dyce/Aberdeen) after flying in/out so many times whilst living there and having a friend do their PPL there so we’d go up and do some sightseeing so he could get his hours in.


Liverpool eh!
Within the context of the sheer scale of 2020 that makes us practically neighbours.

So, hi neighbour.

No doubt we have often had ATC ‘hand off’s’ to our respective ‘local’ airports. To which your post will now add a bit of ‘flavour’.

It always amuses me to see that, what with, some 27,000 airports to choose from we usually always choose to fly from the strip, just down the road!
In some senses human beings are merely glorified homing pigeons! Haha.

I shall make a point of landing at John Lennon: EGGP, once I am done testing.
And yes, the piano is one of my favourite instruments.

Best regards.


Good to see a fellow Brit embracing all that the world has to offer by branching out a little.
Ref: an earlier post re homing pigeons. Haha.

Agreed re the UK 2000 wish list.
They were the only company [as far as I know] that implemented EGCC, my local strip.
Which, complete with an easily spotted Concorde parked at it’s hanger, was, in it’s day, very good.

Clear skies.

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Ah, the dreaded PPL. The real McCoy eh!

Hi neighbour.

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