Which Airport Keeps You Coming Back

After a few months, I keep returning to Kerama (ROKR) in the Southern Japanese Islands. It got updated with the Japan Scenery Update, and you get brilliant coral views after takeoff. It often brings wind or rainy days.

I find myself returning to it freuently to test planes or practice touch and goes. This place I have never seen has become my home base.

Anyone else have an airport they have become drawn to through using MSFS?


Lukla VNLK. But only because I can’t master that approach and landing :joy:


Lukla is a blast!

Copenhagen Kastrup since it’s the capital of my country and I like to reproduce flights I’ve been on.

I bought the FlyTampa addon in the marketplace and seeing how accurate and real it looks makes me all giddy.


I live in Lancashire [England] so perhaps inevitably I use Manchester: EGCC as my ‘home base’.
Although whilst testing I often use the smaller [and thus quicker to get in and out of] grass stripped, nearby Barton: EGCB.

But to get the ball rolling and as to a sort of fantasy reply :

In the spirit of a fast approaching Halloween how about: Tombstone International?
Or perhaps the more salient: Bad Boomerang?

Please forgive me my flippancy.


Flippancy is welcome! :joy:

Good answer.
Nay, best answer.


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KSAN is sort of my home away from home. I like to fly with real time and weather. Since I live in eastern Canada, by the time I get home from work (especially this time of year) it’s getting dark, so I have to move west to do most of my flying. I find KSAN is a nice location that’s not overly busy, and is a great hub to fly to all kinds of other locations VFR.

Of course, I had to buy the KSAN scenery pack from the marketplace as a result. Now if only the city looked as good as the airport.

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9200 feet. Flare when close. Use a small plane and not a 747.

My airports are the local ones around Stockholm, also JFK/Guardia, LC/Heathrow and Schiphol, some of those I’ve visited IRL. I usually take a C208 or A320 and fly between the local ones daily.


Ha! I also like to fly where it is light out in real time. I know I can play God and set the time… but Japan is almost always light out while I am flying.

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TNCM - Princess Juliana. One of the best landings and take offs. It is a great home base for island hopping.

Can’t wait until someone updates the scenery to some hand crafted stuff.


Tried the mooney and the Caravan. But I always end up too low, too high, or smack into the side off the hill the RWY lays on on landing


I do Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia as well when I don’t feel like night flying later in the evening after it gets dark on the west coast of North America.

During the day, I like flying out of my home airport of CYGK, but I have taken up a second east cost home base at Miami-Opa Locka KOPF. I’d totally buy those scenery packs if they came out.

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We need more turboprops for Lukla. I wonder… the 182 might be perfect.

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I too am north enough and west enough [UK] to have the same problem.
But, silly me, unlike you I had not considered an appropriate geographic shift to enable me to fly in daylight whilst remaining in live mode!

Well, I guess that’s an example of why I come to these forums!
Now all I have to do is find a nice candidate airport that suits my needs.

Thanks very much for the kick up the b*m.


I recently flew to Frankfurt (EDDF) at night, with low clouds and landed on 25R. The approach at nighttime with the city lights on the right and skimming the airport buildings and hotels on short final was literally incredible. Since then, did it another three times. Highy recommended.


You need something with power to be able to climb the hill too. If you slow down too fast or go in the DA20 and land too far down, you probably won’t make it up the hill - but you will make it down the hill, it is up to you to chose if you turn around or not.


Yeah… part of the trick is learning how much rolling speed you need to make it up that hill in the tiny, piston planes!

Nothing beats NTTB.


Brilliant. Thank you. Hadn’t flown here yet!