Which Airports are at the top of your wishlist for third-party devs to make?

Aberdeen, Dyce, Scotland,
with static and ai helicopters serving the rigs.

Not sure about the AI element but there is a top developer planning on Aberdeen airport this year.

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YMML Melbourne Tullamarine
YBCG Gold Coast Coolangatta

I really thought we would have YMML by now. It’s the 2nd largest airport in Australia behind Sydney!


Orbx released a plan for 2022 (which of course can change along the way), it includes several airports that people have been waiting for! (no specific dates in most cases)

Sorted in alphabetical order:
ENGM Oslo (middle of this year)
ESSA Stockholm Arlanda
KBOI Boise
KCRW Chuck Yeager
KFAT Fresno
KPBI Palm Beach
LIPB Bolzano Airport
LIPH Treviso
LKPR Prague (This one will be out on Friday 11th February already I believe, if not, next week)
LYPG Podgorica
NZNV Invercargill
VTSP Phuket
YBCG Gold Cost
YMLT Launceston
YMML Melbourne

Also they will update KBUR Burbank to a new version.

[announcement] What we are working on - 2022 - Orbx Company Updates - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxdirect.com)


My wish list is as follows (I have notified the developers about my first airport list)

YWLM - Newcastle Williamtown Airport
YMAV - Melbourne Avalon Airport
LWSK - Skopje International Airport
LQSA - Sarajevo International
LJLJ - Ljubljana Airport
YSCB - Canberra Airport
YPDN - Darwin Airport
LWOH - Ohrid Airport (Orbx have a development but I strongly feel can add additional gates to the Airport).
LYBE - Belgrade Airport

I would include the whole Ex Yugoslavian region in this list as touched above by others.


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There’s a YMAV by Prestige Simulations on the Marketplace right now, don’t know if it’s worth getting.

Beware, this product has no functional ILS’s for any runway

Whatever happened to the KSLC scenery being worked on by Pacific Islands Simulation? The KSLC listed on SimMarket right now looks so cartoonish it’s not even funny.

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Airports I’m still longing to see created:

EDDF - Frankfurt am Main Intl.
KJAN - Jackson - Evers Intl.
KSLC - Salt Lake City Intl.

Adding to that list:
LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle Intl.
KJAX - Jacksonville Intl.

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Flyingiscool did a really nice freeware KACK. It’s over on flightsim.to. He’s got some other quality airports as over there as well.

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I’ll have to check it out later today

KBUF, for sure

PacSim told that they will public very first photos of KSLC in progress after they release RKSI. I cannot wait to fly PMDG Southwest 737 there.

I owned two their sceneries, in which KRNO is one of my most favorite airports in MSFS.

Where are PacSim’s products being sold?

Thank you!

VTBD Don Mueang, Thailand. From Wikipedia: the worlds’ largest low-cost carrier airport; one of the oldest operating international airports in the world; Asia’s oldest operating airport.

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And a class approach over the city. Another vote for VTBD here.

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They’ve been waiting over 7 months now for approval to sell their products at the MS Marketplace, but you can purchase at their webstore, if the wait is too long for you.

PADK Adak, Alaska

This airport, one of the closest points in the United States to Russia (save for Diomede and some military airstrips) and the southernmost city in Alaska, is in the Aleutian Islands volcanic chain of Alaska and has a challenging, steep, but quite fun final approach. It dodges a 6000’ peak volcano immediately before localizer and glideslope capture to the runway at sea level, requiring a Z-shaped turn before capturing the 3.5° slope. Doesn’t seem all that complex but when getting configured for landing there’s quite a bit going on at once and it can be relatively easy to overshoot the glideslope and struggle to get back on track due to lack of runway visibility most of the time and the steeper than standard slope.

The weather makes this a fun airport as it’s almost always covered in dense fog down to minimums or below and/or with heavy winds and rain.

Fun airport, very rich history, nothing super fancy about it, but I’d be more interested in a third party focusing on sure upgrading the airport but also handcrafting some of the surrounding area; most of the island is protected by the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Reserve and would be nice to see receive a terrain upgrade, as well as the small town (“city”) adjacent to the airport.