Which areas if the world have the best bing data?

I’m finding I’m having to quit VFR bush trips half way through because poor satellite data is ruining the experience. Africa, Iceland and Scandinavia are just a few examples. The best scenery areas in terms of bing data for me are USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Netherlands.

Are there any other areas of the world that have great scenery? I know Australia had a world update recently but I haven’t flown there yet.

Would be good to know so I can plan my next bush trip safe in the knowledge that the scenery isnt going to disappoint!

Thank you!

You say Africa and Iceland are bad, but I have found some nice areas. And the same goes for the rest of the world, such as New Zealand. Totally random.

Yea sure massive generalisation, particularly Africa. I suppose I just mean those territories where the scenery is consistency good e.g like the UK

Don’t know about the best, but the worst I’ve seen so far is the area around New Delhi.

I haven’t seen many issues yet in Australia, except I wish the water masking was a bit better around certain areas (especially in northern WA around Cape Levique etc).

I found New Delhi to be okay. Although, much of the time it is pretty smoggy out there.