Which how-to / guide you would like to have

I already started to work on a number of “how-to” / guides about GA and VFR flights. I will not talk about airliners as I’m not airliner pilot (ATPL) and therefore I cannot give real advice in that direction. That said, if you guys would want to have guides on particular subjects within the VFR / GA aviation please let me know.

Planned are:

  • Flight planning
  • Weight & balance / performances
  • Visual navigation (map based)
  • VOR navigation (radio navigation)
  • Stalls
  • Emergencies
  • Airspaces

GPS navigation will not be described as it’s really not all that interesting as the only thing you do is follow next GPS point you set up :wink:

Therefore please share your wish list or tell me which one you would want next.

On another note, those guides will never be a true flight school as you would need a lot more details which I do believe are out of scope here as well as you cannot fully train yourself only on a Sim even if our latest Sim here is pretty amazing in many aspects. So for those which are already flying in real life or are veterans in Sim, my guides may not add much and may actually seems incomplete to say the least (and so they are). Keep in mind, the goal is to give a base knowledge, not a full PPL training!

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