Which is the best global ship traffic mod?

Hi all
I was using this mod for a long time: Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS GAIST Ultra V3 » Microsoft Flight Simulator
However, it does not work properly anymore. Most of the times, it freezes my sim when loading a flight. So I can’t use it.

Therefore, I look for other mods, payware or free, that give me nice global realtime ship traffic around the world.
Any recomendations?
Which is the currently best mod for this?
With has the best value for money?

Thanks a lot, Oliver

Hi Oliver,

I can’t recommend another mod, but I think I use that mod too and I only have the usual, rare CTDs. I can’t remember any freeze lately.

Best regards,

Well, in my case it is freezing, it is definitelly this mod causing the issue when loading it’s BGLs, I checked with the process monitor.

Therefore I hope for other recomendations.

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There is a new version being worked on which will be out fairly soon (with real-time traffic) so I would wait for that.

The only other thing is the Seafront Simulations Global Shipping, but that is Payware.

I don’t have any problems with Global AI Ship Traffic, and it is much more diverse in types of ships than the payware, but I am really looking forward to the real time version. The screenshots looks really cool

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Any idea when this fairly soon update of global ship traffic will come?
The project seems pretty dead to me :confused:

There’s already a thread about GAIST: Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes - #1710 by hnielsen791

Why not ask in there?

Regarding this subject, do you know guys what happen when you touch the simulated hour on which you fly, keeping live weather on? Does this addon work in that situations? Because I usually fly at night irl, do VFR and to see stuff, I tweak the hour in the sim so I can fly during the day there; I’ve seen no ship whatsoever flying long time over the coats of latinamerica in multiple occasions. Note: Yes, I do have the latinamerica pack loaded.