Which publishers products would you buy if they were available? [Majestic/CaptainSim/Aerosoft etc]

I’ve never got to the levels of ‘study’ in many years of flight sim usage, I’m a sucker for eye candy too so intercontinental long haul in a large tube is not something I would do often. The products I miss at the moment that I used most in FSX/P3D are:

  • Aerosoft Twin Otter

  • Majestic MJC8 Q400

  • CaptainSim 757 (regional freight runs)

I do own the Aerosoft CRJ though it wasn’t the most used so when it eventually arrives here it will probably eventually end up in my hangar, likely not immediately.

What would you repurchase immediately if it was available and working well in MSFS?


Great post.

Currently the plame’s that stand out systems wise is the Working Title CJ mod

The other model that I think stands out is the Tollis A321 sadly its not yet currently in MSFS 2020 but is in Xplane . The models probity and its fidelity in regards to its physics and systems is an incredible implementation of a simulated aircraft. Combined with the ability to have random faults on the plane when your flying it adds to the reality.

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A DC3 and a 737 or 727. Though I’m very tempted by the CRJ.

I think I might wait for a trusted reviewer unless it was a company with a very good reputation. There have been a few cash-ins out there, the professionals are clearly waiting until they’ve got it right.

Support also matters. With the changes that are regularly made, you’d want a company that behaves like the A320NX group - I would suspect a commercial company might have many of the same issues, regards update compatibility.

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A Tornado, I worked on them for years and was sad to see them go, what a waste of great marque.
I’d love to have one in the sim. Hopefully with a fully functioning terrain following radar too, to try and beat Black Mikes record time from Lands end to John O’Groats, as low as possible of course :grin:

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This is what I am eagerly waiting to see !


I will buy both PMDG 777 and 747. Also I am excited for A380x from flybywire.

PMDG 737, 777 , Majestic Dash, Aerosoft CRJ 7, Twin Otter.

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I’d love to say the JustFlight PA-28R Arrow III since it has just beautiful textures and dashboard (wear and tear is something I really miss on all of the aircraft so far).
But considering the price of this addon for other sims, I guess I’ll have to pass.

And just like that it all depends on how much it costs. There’s no addon I’d buy no matter how expensive that is.

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Aerosoft Twin Otter and specially (I love it so much) Majestic MJC8 Q400.

X-Crafts. I’d buy everything they’d make. I own their entire fleet on X-Plane 11, and I really miss flying their Legacy 650. I miss all the business jets I flew on X-Plane :sob:

I’d love to see A2A bring the Piper Cub on over. It’s a real simple little plane, but w/ super accurate dynamics and a real pure ‘stick & rudder’ machine and not overly powerful. It makes bush flying more interesting since you can’t just rely on a monster engine and huge wing slats to get you out of a potential pickle. I spent many a happy hour in that plane in FSX.


All from X-Plane:

Got my money’s worth and more from the Quest Kodiak by Thranda which I flew all the time

Likewise with the Skunkcrafts P-51D Mustang

Lost days flying the Toliss A319 all over the shop

No guarantee though that I’d just hand over my cash without knowing exactly what I was paying for and actually getting with any of them.

Hoping for a good A380 along the line whether that’s from FlyByWire, or failing that from a decent high quality payware developer.

Pretty short list and I could mention a few others that would get a look with serious reservations, based on whether they can prove they’ve upped their game and have ditched the ‘kick it out the door to sell it and then update it as and when we can be bothered having taken your money’ selling model.

Basically anything from PMDG for me. I am also a big fan of the Captain Sim 767 and would love to see that brought over to MSFS.

Kodiak is one of my #1 wishes for MSFS but only if it is at least as good as the Thranda for X-Plane. The Arrow and 182 are just too boring for my taste, (as was the real thing). The CRJ looks promising but, I won’t buy anything until I hear or see reviews that prove they have overcome the issues built into FS at the moment. Hopefully the next major update will fix some of them.


FlyJSim 727/737

I’d buy any product that is VR QC tested for optimization and performance at this point.

captainsim C130

I would buy the PMDG 737NG and 777 immediately if I could! Aerosoft A330 and Majestic Q400 would be sweet as well.

the 757 rocket, sexy and powerful and then its chubby big sister the 767…and a MD11 or a weathered DC10 would be cool

Seconded. I have this for FSX and its a lovely aircraft. I would love it to get the MSFS love as I am sure it would look amazing.