Which quirky plane in your hanger should you fly more often just for fun?

Forget about systems depth, or graphical fidelity. What quirky plane do you own that you haven’t flown in a long time?

For me it’s the Flying Fries Scrapyard Monster. I’ve thought about it recently because I bought his excellent XF-11, and realized I used to enjoy Scrappy’s pure zaniness.



Pilatus PC-6 Porter. It’s not very fast, it doesn’t fly very high, but what it does do it does exceptionally well. There are no difficult strips in PNG.


Lately I’ve been in the habit of flying a vintage biplane for trips under 100 nm. But recently I rediscovered the GotFriends Edgley Optica, which I hadn’t flown in over a year. Not a speed demon by any stretch, but it has great visibility and of course was our introduction to Man’s Best Friends, Matto and Kilo.


I love my Optica. I don’t fly it enough.


Flying Witch created by @WombiiActual and based on my colleague @Jummivana. :broom: :heart:


The Optica is the “gateway drug” to helicopters. I know this because when I first bought the Optica I had zero helicopters, and now I have twenty-two. :rofl:


Hahahaha!! That’s funny.

I recently dived back in to the Flying Flea by Rara-Avis. So good!

I also need to find the time (literally, it’s so SSSLLLOOW :snail:) to drive the English Electric Wren more, by the same dev.

As you know I love my quirky little aircraft so I have a few in the collection. Must get back to these below. In fact, inspired by your post I am going to right now before my group flight!

  • Bugatti EB100P
  • BYOB-2000 Barrel Heli
  • Mozzie Heli
  • Whittaker MW6
  • Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat
  • JW1 wing man jetpack guy (can’t believe I have not tried this in VR yet! Maybe not a good idea lol)
  • Quickie Q200
  • Top Rudder Solo 103
  • Wills Wing Falcon 4 Hang Glider (downloaded and not even tried it yet)
  • Wedell-Williams Model 44 RACER
  • Hydro Ultralight amphibious boat
  • Drifter (Ant’s Airplanes)
  • Hot Air Balloon


  • Noorduyn Norseman (not that quirky, but I must pick it back up!)

Ones I will leave gathering dust:

  • Santos Dumont 14-Bis (luckily it only cost me £1.50)
  • Bleriot XI / Wright Flyer (even I have my limits of low speed)
  • Spirit of St. Louis (I rather see where I am going)
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You may not believe this, but in my original post I was going to say something like: “Maybe the Flying Flea tickles your fancy.” :sunglasses:

Haha! I’d like to see an 3rd person camera video of you doing that. :rofl:

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+1 On the Scrapyard Monster

Also the TR Solo 103, it’s just plane silly

I would also throw in the Shock Ultra, can land easily in less than it’s length(if not full 0/0 with any notable wind), flat turn and shark circle around practicing heli pilots just a few feet larger circle than a rotor disc, and plummet straight down in full crab within VnE. And for some unknown reason the amphibian is even more capable than the tail dragger.

Wasn’t there a hot air balloon that went over 500KT at some point?

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Unicorn, obviously.

Although I do keep it installed and every time I land at Heathrow 27R and I almost hit it on final it gives me a surprise!

As to planes, I really like the default Jenny. Beautiful model, flies well, no brakes, can’t see where you are going. I don’t fly it a lot though.

I’m not into buying weird aircraft either.


Gosh. Quirkiest plane I have is probably the DoubleEnder, but I wouldn’t say it’s that quirky, just funny looking.

Have any of you flown this? BYOB-2000 Barrel Heli for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Yes. When it first came out. It’s actually on my little “must fly these again” list just above. It’s pretty neat! Simple but very fun(ny). Has the Scrapyard vibes but for whitlybirds. It’s free so what have you got to lose? :slight_smile:

Talking of which I did jump back in to a few of the ones I wrote earlier today. Mixed results!

Bugatti: is pretty cool. A bit wallowy. But nice and fast and has an interesting cockpit.

Aeroprakt: pretty decent pace. And it’s another “bush” type plane that controls with a yoke that I forgot about, so there is that. But is quite unremarkable.

JW1: doesn’t work any more. I guess a Sim Update wrecked it. It just falls to the right. Shame!!

Falcon 4 hang glider: my first go in it so maybe I’m missing something but even with some wind, I could not get it to stay up. It has potential though. Perhaps I need to start on a hill! The tow plane that’s supposed to take me up just crashes, then I have a rope dangling which may also be messing things up. Will try again coz the first 15 seconds were quite thrilling!


Flying dinghy (forgot it’s name)
KA-10m if that counts
and the witch (with textures removed)


I have a lot of quirky planes that I should fly more.

The EB100P Bugatti by RedWing is really awesome and I need to fly it again.
The Electric Wren by Rara avis was definitively a fun flight but I don’t think I will fly it this summer.
I’m taking the Optica for some flights soon so that one will get some hours.
The BD5J by Azurpoly is a microjet I would love to fly again, too bad liveries are almost non-existant because there are a few of these still going around.
The Subsonex JSX2 was sadly abandoned by the dev, this one with a G3X would be very nice, not sure if it can be modded but is another micro-jet that might be worth flying.
The Mini-Imp needs more hours of flight.
The Long-Ez is a fantastic plane that can go some serious distances, would also love an upgrade.
The Drifter by Ants is really exceptional and probably one of a kind in its category. May need some more flights.
I never bought the Hughes H1 racer, maybe some day not sure if I will enjoy it.
I did one flight on the Hispano Aviacion 220 Super Saeta, it flies exactly as it should: scary, probably need to fly it again.
And definitively the Mig15 by Bear Studios that is such a nice plane, of course abandoned as expected but not a problem as-is.


I was literally thinking about the Bugatti only the other day.

I was absolutely convinced it would blow up in to everyone’s top tens but it just seems to have vanished. You don’t see any mention of it anywhere.

Well, we both mentioned it here :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes you are right of course lol

Initially the sound loop (very bad “join”) totally put me off flying it. Seems better now but it’s amazing how one little half baked thing can sour the whole experience.

@LuisArgerich sone in your post I’ve never heard of! I will go digging! We have similar cross-over in our lists here so I’m keen to get my shovel out and see if I’ve been missing something in the ones I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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Flying boat was in my list too. Hydro Ultralight amphibious boat By Blue Mesh

And yes the Hat counts for sure lol

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SWS Zenith CH701.

If I remember correctly this cost me around a couple of GBP when I bought it in a sale. What a gift that was!

For what it is I think it’s really very good. I haven’t flown it in ages which tbh is a waste of a very good AC.

Interesting thread.

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I still need to do my flight(s) from London to Paris with the oldtimey Bleriot and its wing warping controls. With a paper map.