Which Ryzen package?

My motherboard which
currently has an Intel processor crapped out so I think I’m going to switch to a Ryzen cpu. Which of these two packages would you go with? I would be adding an existing 32 GB ddr5 memory so it would end up with 64 GB with a 4070TI gpu. I know everyone raves about the 7-7800X3D, I haven’t seen much about the 9-7900X. Probably switching over to using VR as well.


msfs loves the x3d cache.

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X3D chips are well utilized by MSFS currently, don’t know what 2024 will have in store as far as hardware utilization.

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Depends what you need it for. I weighed my options from switch from intel to AMD but i found that intel is better for workspace and gaming in my honest opinion without so much power and the prices are within $50-$100 per generation of cpu.

My config it’s nearly like the same as option 2:
7800X3D (beauty OC beast)
Asus Rog Strix B650E
G.Skill: Same modules

Finally I’m happy with this config, since 8 month now (incl. 7800XT OC)

PS: Quest 3 user here.

Definitely do not want the 7900x. The 7800x3d has extra level 3 cache which helps greatly to smooth things out on the sim. It is also the best bang for your buck in terms of value & performance. Btw, you can get a 7800x3d at Micro Center for $369 if there happens to be one where you live :wink:.

If you do other heavy lifting tasks with your computer such as content creation then a 7950x3d would suit that best.

If you were to watch youtube videos on which cpu is the best for gaming and MSFS specifically then the AMD x3d processors with the extra L3 cache will win hands down.

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Mainboard: The B650 chipset is limited for OC. For the 7800X3D OC max. 5050 MhZ.
Use a B670 chipset to get higher OC possibilities.

I have the exact same 7800X3D/gaming X AX V2/G.Skill ram, works perfectly.

Ram is an exact QVL match for the board, set EXPO and done, exact timings match no issues. That board on real deep testing showed it ran with everything and beat MSI anything and everything on boot times and other general performance issues. Don’t let anyone knock it because it’s not ‘cool’. The V2 does have one PCI 5 on it.

I had an all MSI rig and a bunch of other configurations before going with the MicroCenter setup after getting away from typical youtube ‘tests’ and caught one that was in depth with every aspect of mobos and that one is fine.

B650/7800x3d is not as supposedly ‘future-proofed’ as an X670 or 650E, but it doesn’t utilize any of it. I built mine for this setup exclusively. 95% chance you will get far more out of 2024 than we do with 2020. Still too much 2006 FSX hiding in 2020, designed when a mega computer had 2GB VRAM.

-Gigabyte 4080 super (gamer, not the one with the screen)
-WD Black 2TB SSD- I got the one with built in heat sink, the only difference being you don’t use the board heat-sink, the other 2TB does.
-MSI 850 PSU gold(remnant of the MSI builds and it has a dragon you cant see)
-Noctua U12S, 7800 doesn’t need anythign else, it runs on the cheapest coolers, its a happy cucumber.

It’s all very happy happy joy joy.

It’s way too much trouble IMHO to overclock AMD’s specifically for MSFS. Better to play with settings and have everything stable and happy. I run MSFS 4K on a 55" 200/200 everything ultra except clouds and water(it can though). TAA/frame gen and crunch it down to 60mhz with vsync and it’s smooth and beautiful. Barely breaks a sweat. TAA makes the gauges look clearer than real life.

Went with the North Mesh case and some extra fans, but that’s one of 200 choices of course. The side fan rack doesn’t clear the Noctua cooler though, so top and back on mine.


Seems to multi-task for general use just fine. I’m not a tuber so I don’t get to altitude and do office work for 3 hours and go back to ‘flying’ the airliner for the last 2 minutes.

Which intel CPU has a lower power draw than its similarly priced Ryzen?

Thank you that was exactly the information I was looking for. I do have a Microcenter by me I will get the package with the motherboard, cpu, and memory for 500.

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Don’t mix and match RAM kits, especially on AMD. Stick with a QVL kit with all the same timings.

Definitely the 7800X3D

I’ve read several reports that some AMD chipsets don’t like four RAM modules. If I wanted a new build with 64GB, I’d get 2 x 32GB modules.

But you don’t need that extra 32GB of RAM unless, like me, you still believe the Rolling Cache on a RAM drive is better and faster than relying on internet scenery loads.

I have 64GB, and 16GB is used for a RAM drive. My AMD system runs fine with 4 x 16GB. But again, yours may not.

THIS! Stick with the 32 in the package. 2020 doesn’t use half of the ram and a third of the processer. Hopefully 2024 opens the door into modern capabilities. Or get the same spec 64 version for another $90. I’m for no wont of ram at 32.

That package saves the difference of a 4070ti to a 4080super putting anything else together with the same spec.

You can fly along at 110fps everything beautiful then snap view left and wham chug down to 38, then 50, then back up. It’s not the video card or cpu it’s the game not using available cores or ram well. Same thing when you dump in traffic. All of our systems are capable of drawing little planes in the sky if they’d let the CPU do it…

Step one: Update mobo bios before doing anything
Step 2 Assemble
Step 3 Load windows
Step 4 update drivers
Step 5 load MSFS vanilla the rest takes to long to SEE IT!
Step 6 Go to babu’s setup thread on here, skip the rest. This would of saved me 20 hours if I had seen it first.

Step 7 Fly

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I’ve upgraded from my old setup/RIG, which included an AMD 5900x, 64 GB RAM, ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, and an AMD 7900 xtx 24GB VRAM GPU, to a Ryzen 7950X3D, 64GB RAM, ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-F GAMING, paired with an Asus RTX 4090, and I couldn’t be happier!

Haha! I’ll bet you’re happy.
A little pricier than than the bargain bundles OP’s trying to choose from, though.

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Heh I set an arbitrary budget of $2500 as daddy has lots of toys already, lots and lots… I saw some 4090s creeping down to $1700 and almost had a wtf not moment but behaved myself for once. Really, MSFS 2020 shouldn’t require half the horsepower it does, and the racing sims already run at 250+ FPS. But I would love to see it now on the 4090, I was danger close at microcenter for a little bit…

The limitation really is the game, not the hardware. A 5800 shouldn’t stammer because an origami plane in two colors appears on final approach. I’m trying to stay in the good graces so in the next couple years I don’t have to convince the Mrs that the GTS is more than a sticker package at the Stuttgart store. ‘remember your flight sim thingie that you said was…’

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