Which Ryzen package?

THIS! Stick with the 32 in the package. 2020 doesn’t use half of the ram and a third of the processer. Hopefully 2024 opens the door into modern capabilities. Or get the same spec 64 version for another $90. I’m for no wont of ram at 32.

That package saves the difference of a 4070ti to a 4080super putting anything else together with the same spec.

You can fly along at 110fps everything beautiful then snap view left and wham chug down to 38, then 50, then back up. It’s not the video card or cpu it’s the game not using available cores or ram well. Same thing when you dump in traffic. All of our systems are capable of drawing little planes in the sky if they’d let the CPU do it…

Step one: Update mobo bios before doing anything
Step 2 Assemble
Step 3 Load windows
Step 4 update drivers
Step 5 load MSFS vanilla the rest takes to long to SEE IT!
Step 6 Go to babu’s setup thread on here, skip the rest. This would of saved me 20 hours if I had seen it first.

Step 7 Fly

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